YJ-Voltigeur Wheeled ATV

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Yimin Jiti Voltigeurs (TECH LEVEL 9)[edit]

This unarmored Yimin Jiti 6 x 6 wheeled all-terrain vehicle is built under license on Athune (world), has a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander) and can carry a squad of seven troopers. They are used by the Athune Fusilier Regiment. It is armed with a pintel mounted LMG on the chassis deck. This is a popular commercial/civilian designed vehicle purchased and inexpensively equipped to mobilize light military and para-military security forces. They are light enough to be carried on large transport aircraft. If properly prepared, they can be air dropped.
Vehicle Dimensions: height: 2 m :width: 2.5 m length: 5 m.
Total usable volume: 25 m3
Total mass loaded: 9.8194 metric tons
Production Cost: Cr. 26,005.075
Movement: Road, 166kph/138cm; Cross Country, 33kph/27 cm.
Movement effect on fire: if move more than 1/2 -2 EFP.
Armor: Chassis all faces 2.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, +0 high
Equipment: 400 power radio; IR/LI and a search light, it can carry 1 m3/ 1 ton of cargo.
Power: 0.6 megawatt MHD turbine power plant consumes 180 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 2,110.3 liters, enough for 11.7 hours. Ground pressure is 7.85552 tons/m2 and the power to weight ratio is 61.1035. Its suspension is designed to never get stuck in mud, soft earth or sand.
Weapons: The pintel mounted light machine gun is stabilized. It carries 1,600 rounds, enough for 20 fire phases. It has a +2 signature and can engage two targets. A full load of ammo is included in the price. Its direct fire characteristics:
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
35(3)+4 70(2)+3 100(2) +2
Vehicle 5
Electronics 4
Weapons 0
Suspension 3
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