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This is my current todo list for the Traveller wiki, and Traveller projects in general. Please discuss this on my talk page.

Wiki Administrator projects[edit]

  • Update to Mediawiki 1.35.x (LTS) -> to be released Aug 2020
  • Fix the un-editable pages, this requires direct database updates.
  • Fix the Forum not display last user. This requires creating a view and updating the forumn page.

Wiki Projects[edit]

  • Update the Sophonts articles -> Pass 1 completed.
  • Traveller Wiki Equipment Guide
    • Update the Goods articles, and the Good category articles
    • Review each of the goods articles to publication standards
  • Errata for each version.
    • Brian had created a set of Errata articles collecting the known errata.
    • Create a "<book>/errata" page for each book with errata for the book
    • Create a Template for the book pages to direct to the errata page
    • Create a Template to collect all the errata for the books for a version of Traveller into one article
    • Publish these to various sources.
    • Direct people to submit new errata on CotI and/or discussion pages on the errata pages directly.
  • Update the creatures / beasts article
    • Use the new Template:Animal to update the existing animals, which adds more information.
    • Add the currently missing creatures in the T5 bestiary.
    • Add the new list of (Terran) creatures as examples
      • Bat - Flyer insectivore
      • Bear - carnivore
      • Cat - Carnivore pet
      • Chamax
      • Dolphin - Swimmer carnivore
      • Falcon - Flyer carnivore
      • Goat - Herbivore
      • Lion - Carnivore pack
      • Llama - Herbivore
      • Rabbit - herbivore
      • Tiger - Carnivore lone
      • Common Swift - Flyer insectivore
      • Common Raven - Flyer Omnivore
  • Sandbox/Charted Section : Another attempt to graphically display the sectors list
  • User:Tjoneslo/book5Layout - Wikifiy/template the Book 5 High Guard layout in something other than a pre tag.
  • Finish the Template:RPGBook TOC, Template:RPGBook TOC Entry to work correctly.
    • Update all the magazine articles to include these TOC
    • Update the Ludography cite to query the TOC table.

AB-101 requests[edit]

Transcription projects[edit]

  • Library data from Stellar Reaches (currently in ?) Empty Quarter Sector
  • Library data from Dagudashaag Encylopedia. Somewhere in the Ts?

Traveller Projects[edit]

  • Using FontForge create a Aslan/Vargr/Dryone/K'kree fonts, then webfont them.
  • Refine the PyRoute project to be more user friendly.
    • Enhance the PDF maps with more trade dress.
    • Fix the many bugs.