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I was pretty sure that I had a user page here a few years ago, but it looks like it became one with the great bit bucket in the sky.

I am a fifty-ish former gamer that was a DM for a while, and then dropped out of the scene in the 1980's. I started writing a space based saga in the 1990's and used some tech and maps for the general base, but ignored a number of the rules that no longer seemed to fit. Cloud computing, Google, nanotechnology, and genome mapping have all happened in the last twenty years, and I expect similar advances will happen in the next twenty. The question becomes what tech level are we at now?

Computational power is one of the areas that seems to have gotten away from the tech levels. MY ships have redundant fiber linking multiple active optical quantum computers that do not take any significant volume, and so I lump them into the volume necessary for the bridge. Programming of pseudo-artificial intelligence is another place where current technology leads one to believe that there will be much more intelligence out there, as voice recognition, and relatively large databases with pseudo-intelligent search were not even seen to be near tech. Robotics is another place where our current technology has advanced, with nano-mechanical assemblies and sensors that can do things that book 8 did not even have as possibilities.

Since RPG in general is focused on the teens and twenty-somethings overall, I find that they have more combat and military information than I currently desire, and much less information about things like power transfer rates for FGMP systems, which require loss-less flexible superconductors, and how pseudo-AI virtual reality educational systems allow almost anyone to learn most skills to what was level 1, or level zero in TNE.

Expert systems are very expensive to create, but I would assume that the scout service would have a standard one that ran on every scout, making the cost insignificant. The current diagnostic tools in the advanced auto repair shop would be everywhere, allowing starships to be treated more like cars than works of art. Yes, I know that some cars ARE works of art, and some starships will be as well.

Look and see how I do things in my traveller universe.