The Astral Splendour

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The Astral Splendour
AstralSplendour 350.jpg
Author Omer Golan-JoelRichard Hazlewood
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (PDF)
Language English
Pages 54
Year Published 2013
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Outer Veil
SP 0201

The Astral Splendour is a Spica Publishing adventure scenario book set in an Outer Veil.

The Astral Splendour - a beautiful new starship laden with passengers - begins her maiden voyage across the Outer Veil, but all is not as it seems…

The player characters are passengers or crew members on the Astral Splendour, a luxury liner built by United Starlift. The ship is the first of the type and is on her maiden voyage, having just completed shakedown cruises and certifications. She is making a run through several star systems, showing off the design and transporting passengers from the Core to the Frontier. She will then make a return journey by a different route before plying a fixed route of four to six worlds primarily within the Intermediate region.

The Astral Splendour is the first adventure for Spica Publishing's Outer Veil setting but could be set in any game universe with a little adjustment.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A guide to interstellar travel in the Outer Veil universe;
  • A collection of non-player characters for use in this adventure;
  • The Maiden Voyage of the Astral Splendour, a complete adventure, including:
    • Details of the Astral Splendour’s crew;
    • Full starship statistics and deckplans for the Astral Splendour.

Requires the use of the Outer Veil sourcebook available from Spica Publishing and the Traveller Core Rulebook available from Mongoose Publishing.


Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood
Cover Art
Ian Stead
Interior illustrations
David Redington, Ian Stead
Ian Stead
Editor and layout
John Griffiths

Table of Contents[edit]

The Astral Splendour
Section Page/s
Introduction 3
Travelling the Stars 4
The Passengers 8
The maiden voyage of the Astral Splendour 36

Library Data Entries[edit]

  1. Astral Splendour class Luxury Liner
  2. Outer Veil
  3. United Starlift
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