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Chrono-Tech is the science of time control and manipulation.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The ability to control time would be an impossibly powerful ability. Why bother to create power super weapons and destroy one's enemies if one can simply travel back in time and prevent the species of one's enemy from ever achieving sophonce or the invention of the FTL Jump Drive in the first place?

Part of the hypothetical answer lies in the theory of the temporal paradox, the idea that manipulating time can potentially have unintended and undesired consequences.

Selected Applied Technologies[edit]

  1. Chronotaxis
  2. Reality Manipulation Technology
  3. Relativity Weaponry
  4. Temporal Technology

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Artifacts have been found that indicate that some earlier precursor societies have explored the technology. The Relativity Rifle is one such device.

It is unknown whether impossibly powerful precursor societies such as the Ancients or Kursae possessed or researched such technologies. Legends and myths about chronotaxis or time travel certainly exist throughout Charted Space as Old Spacer's Tales.

Technological Overview of Chrono-Tech[edit]

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