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Chapter Author Pages


Challenge 25
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From The Management Loren Wiseman 2
Information Just Detected Loren Wiseman 2
History Traveller News Service Loren Wiseman 17
Information Challenge Classifieds 48
Referee's Notes
Advice Ref's Notes: On the Use of NPCs Frank Frey 14-16
Ship Fleet Escort Lisiani Marc Miller 18-20
Deck Plan Fleet Escort Lisiani Deck Plans Marc Miller 29-31
Ship Design Bait: Q-Ships in Traveller Steven BirnichJames Schwar 32-33
Sophont Darrian Way of Life, The Anders Blixt 34-36
Amber Zone Siege John M. Ford 37-38
Information Using your Model/2 Bis Marc Miller 39
Rule Planetary Invasions in Traveller Steven BirnichJames Schwar 40-42
Equipment Flare and Signaling Devices Marc Miller 43-45
Personality Casual Encounter: Ringaal DeAstera J. Andrew Keith 46-47
Twilight 2000
Adventure The Baltic Coast: A Looter's Guide Jeff Groteboer 3-4
Information What do We Do Now? Reflections on Twilight: 2000 Timothy Brown 5-8
Adventure False Knight on the Road John M. Ford 9-13
Rules Twilight Miniatures rules Frank Chadwick 21-28


Freelance Traveller 003
Article Author Pages
From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Reign of Discordia Kafka 2-3
Fifth Imperium Shannon Appelcline 4-8
Abbreviated Combat Resolution Matt Adams 8-11
Alien Module 2: Vargr Doc Kinne 12-13
The Veloth George M. Sibley 13-17
Principles of adventure design Mark Graybill 17-20
100 Sci-Fi adventure seeds Jeff Zeitlin 21
Gauss Squad Automatic Weapon Scott Diamond 22


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