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This template defines the table "RPGBook_TOC_Entry". View table. Template parameters:

comma separated list of author names. No links as they are created automatically
Title of the chapter or article
page or pages for this chapter
See Department
Challenge published article for other RPG systems. The Subject indicated which RPG system the article was written about, Traveller or Specific system.


There are three uses for the department

  1. Append "source" to each as a category (or collection of categories) for the various books, magazines, and PDFs. For example, [[Category: Ship source]] or [[Category: Deck Plan source]].
  2. Use these items as the Department for each entry in the Table of Contents.
  3. Select one as a primary, what the majority of the book is about or the focus of the publication and add that to the Infobox. Give each publication a broad category of what it is about.

The idea here would be to select the one most specific department that applies to the chapter or article. Suggested list of Departments to use:

  • Information
    • Advice
    • Bibliography
    • Editorial
    • Fiction
    • Glossary
    • Illustration
      • Character Sketch
      • Diagram
      • Deck Plan
      • Map
    • Index
    • Review
    • Science
  • Rule
    • Adventure
      • Amber Zone
      • Campaign Setting
    • Character Creation
    • Design System
      • Ship Design
      • Vehicle Design
      • Weapon Design
      • World Design
    • Form
    • Tasks & Combat
    • Variant Rule
  • Background
    • Astrography
      • Location
      • Sector
      • World
    • Bestiary
    • Library Data
      • Alternate History
      • Corporation
      • Government
      • History
      • Organization
    • People
      • Nobility
      • Personality
    • Technology
      • Equipment
      • Ship
      • Vehicle
      • Weapon
    • Sophont