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Reclassify Luriani?[edit]

I think that the Luriani should be reclassified as Human Chimera, based on Andrew/Andrea Vallance's Minor Alien Module 1: Luriani, from Mongoose. While they look human, they are not truly interfertile with other humans (except occasionally by accident/mutation); their genetic mechanism for sex determination is not compatible with the stock human twenty-third chromosome pair mechanism. I believe that the 'other part(s)' of the chimerism come from Ancient geneering using aquatic mammaloids of Daramm. Note that in MAM1, Luriani is used for both genetic Luriani and cultural Luriani (Mmarislusant, genetic Vilani, and Verasti Dtareen, genetic Solomani), but I'm reading this list as referring only to the genetic Luriani. -- Jeff Zeitlin

Conversion of template:Race to Template:SophontData[edit]

In order to make the Sophonts work, someone needs to go into each of their base pages (e.g. Vargr) and change the the template from Template:Race to Template:SophontData. You need to add a "code=<first four characters of the name>" parameter, change the parameter name "intel" to "status", and remove all the links (e.g. [[ and ]]. This adds the sophont to the underlying cargo table, which can then be queried.

There are two lists on the summary page, The upper one is the original Dynamic Page List query, which will have all pages on it, 422 at last count. The bottom one is the query from the SophontData cargo table. As the templates are converted, the upper list will remain the same size, but entries will become blank (DPL relies on the Template:Race to extract their data). The lower list will grow with each addition. At some point I'll delete the upper list. Tjoneslo (talk) 19:48, 22 April 2016 (EDT)