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Notes (2018)[edit]

Established in 10 as a competition for free traders or small shipping lines

  • The minimum number of entrants was held at ten for inaugural run in 10, and later increased to twenty-five in 100.
  • The maximum time allowed to competitors to remain eligible for the "Grand Prize" is 150 weeks.
  • All entrants must own their own J-2 capable starship (financed starships with up-to-date mortgages will qualify, only if the mortgage payments have been kept up to date at the end of the run.
  • All starships must be independently owned (not part of a shipping line with more than five registered vessels)
  • All entrants must register at the start of the run with a deposit of no less than 100,000 Credits.
  • Accurate jump tapes for the route were made available entrants of the Run to entice entrants. these tapes carried a guaranteed validity of ten years, allowing the entrants to use the run even after the competition ended.

The "Grand Prize" is awarded to the most-profitable (based on percentage of Credits from initial investment) and totals 80% of all deposits made to enter the competition. The remainder of the deposits defray the cost of administration and the grand celebration for the declaration of the winner. The most "official entrants" was achieved in the 452 Run totaling 147 starters with 123 reaching the finish line within 150 weeks.

For example;

  • 475,000 Credits profit at end of run / 100,00 Credit initial invest / 32 jumps = 14.844% profit margin
  • The largest Grand Prize awarded was 11,760,000 Credits given to the the owner of the Isadora at Capital 001-456

This celebration was initially hosted by Cleon I, and continued to receive Imperial recognition until the death of Nicholle in 475. The turbulence within the Imperial Court as well as pressures from former winners to include their now-larger shipping companies reduced the appeal to many prospective entrants, and the last official run was held started on 001-480 (and was celebrated at Capital 001-483).

The Greater Annililik Run Grand Prize was a coveted sign of recognition for successful free traders in the beginning, but has waned in its prestige.

It regained a little recognition as a "nostalgic" exhibition in the early 1050, and runs once per decade with no Grand Prize, just bragging rights.