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Links (2018)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: TRAV-MAP: The allegiance code is a 4-character code which is selected to uniquely identify a polity in Charted Space. Previous editions used a 2-character code (see below).
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 07:21, 4 July 2018 (EDT)

Code Description Edition

Dr Droyne world.

Dd Domain of Deneb MegaTraveller.

Fd Federation of Daibei MegaTraveller.

Fi Federation of Ilelish MegaTraveller.

La League of Antares MegaTraveller.

Li Lucan's Imperium MegaTraveller.

Ma Margaret's Stronghold MegaTraveller.

Rv Restored Vilani Empire/Ziru Sirka MegaTraveller.

St Strephon's Imperium MegaTraveller.

Wi Wilds Traveller: The New Era.

-- Empty, unclaimed system.

Links (2016)[edit]

Jo Grant of CORE

- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 08:06, 6 March 2016 (EST)
A0 Tlaukhu bloc
A1 Tlaukhu bloc
A2 Tlaukhu Bloc
A3 Tlaukhu Bloc
A4 Tlaukhu Bloc
A5 Tlaukhu Bloc
A6 Tlaukhu Bloc
A7 Tlaukhu Bloc
A8 Tlaukhu Bloc
A9 Tlaukhu Bloc
Ac Acara/Solomani
Ac Altarean Confederation
Ac Anubian Trade Coalition
Ak Akeena Union
Ak Auftei Ktaih
Al Alto/Solomani
Am Amon/Imperial
Am Amondiage
Ar Aoiftu Roakh
As Aslan
Au Austa/Imperial
Ba Confederation of Bammesuka
Bl Blackjack/Solomani
Bo Bobbo/Solomani
Bs Belgardian Sojourn
Bs Bright Star Cooperate
Ca Corsair Alliance
Ca Principality of Caledon
Cb Carillian Assembly
Ch Chirper
Cn Creation of Nonpareil
Co Corellian
Cs Client State
Ct Carter Technocracy
Cu Cytrialin Unity
Cv Unknown (Cv)
Da Darrian
Da Daftnew/Solomani
Dc Delsun Comagistrant
Dd Domain of Deneb
De Deriabar/Solomani
Dg Dienbach Grüpen
Dj Daprolix Juncture of Suns
Dn Demos of Nobles
Dr Droyne
Ek Ekar/Solomani
En Unknown
Es Eslyat
Es Esperanza
Et Ethlum/Solomani
Fa Federation of Arden
Fd Federation of Daibei
Fi Federation of Ilelish
Fl Florian League
Fo Fteiheiel Oih
Ga Third Empire of Gashikan
Ga Galian Federation
Ga Gralyn Assemblage
Gi Gniivi
Gk Khan World League
Gl Ginlenchy Concordance
Go Gyj-nuah 'Oew
Gt Great Terbah
Gu Gursky/Solomani
H* Star Patterns Trading
Ha Hachiman/Solomani
Hc Hefrin Colony
Hc Council of Heads
He Hessoun/Solomani
Hf Fed. Develop. Agency
Hi Six Eyes Nest
Hl Julian Prot. (Lorean Hegem.)
Ho Hochiken People's Assembly
Hr Harpring/Solomani
Hv Hive Federation
Ic Icenogle/Solomani
Id Islaiat Dominate
If Iyeaao'fte
Im Imperial
J- Julian Prot. (Unincorporated)
Ja Julian Prot. (Asimikigir Confed.)
Jc Julian Prot. (Const. of Koekhon)
Jd Joie De Vivre
Jf Jonson-Bowes Federation
Jh Julian Prot. (Hhkar Sphere)
Jl Julian Prot. (Lumda Dower)
Jm Julian Prot. (Cmnwlth of Mendan)
Jn Jurisiction of Nadon
Jo Joyeuse
Jo Julian Prot. (Alliance of Ozuvon)
Jp Julian Prot. (Pirbarish Starlane)
JP Julian Protectorate
Jr Julian Prot. (Rukadukaz Rep.)
Jr Julian Prot. (Rukadukaz Repub.)
Ju Julian Prot. (Ukhanzi Coord.)
Jv Julian Prot. (Vugurar Dominion)
KC K'kree Client State
Kl Kline/Solomani
Kx Krax Confederation
La Lachlan/Solomani
La League of Antares
Lg Landgrebe/Solomani
Li Lucan's Imperium
Lp Council of Leh Perash
Lv Lords of Vision
Ma Marlan Primate
Ma Margaret's Imperium
Me Megusard Corporate
Mh Grand Duchy of Marlheim
Mi Minsk/Solomani
Mn Mandanin Co-Dominion
Mo Morsen/Solomani
Mu Malorn Union
Na Non-aligned
Nb Neubayem
Nc New Colchis
Nh New Home
Nu Nubtar/Solomani
Oc Ock/Solomani
Of Oleaiy'fte
Ow Outcasts of the Whispering Sky
Pl Plavian League
Pb Parity of Brothers
Ra Ral Ranta
Ra Randzo/Solomani
Re Reynold/Imperial
Re Renkard Union
Rn Rm Nai
Rv Restored Vilani Empire
Sa Sansterre
Sa Sapphire/Solomani
Sb Serendip Belt
Sc Sarkan Constellation
Sh Sharn/Solomani
Sk Stanko/Solomani
So Solomani
Sr Stansifer/Solomani
St Stancombe/Solomani
St Strephon's Worlds
Sw Sword Worlds
Sw Swanfei Independency
Sy Sylean Federation
Sy Sydymic Empire
Ta Tealou Arlaoh
Tb Trita Brotherhood
Tc Tellerian Cluster
Td Trelyn Domain
Tl Tolson/Solomani
To Tooma/Solomani
Tr Trindel Confederacy
Tr Toh Republic
Tw Theocracy of Weltschmerz
Uh Union of Harmony
Un Unpopulated
V6 Assemblage of 1116
V7 Vargr (17th Disjuncture)
Va Vargr (independant)
Ve Vegan
Vf Dzarrgh Federate
Vg Glory of Taarskoerzn
Vh Irrgh Manifest
Vi Viyard Concourse
Vn Vargr (Ngath Confederation)
Vu United Followers of Augurgh
Vw Julian Prot. (Rar Errall/Wolves W.)
Vx Vargr (Antares Pact)
Wa Wair/Solomani
Wc Counsel of the Wise
Wd Winston Democracy
Wi Wilkerson/Solomani
Wu Wu/Solomani
Ww Woal Warliylr
Xf FDA world outside of HF
Xi Xianjin/Solomani
Za Zarian Realm
Zh Zhodani
Zo Zongwu/Solomani
Zu Zuugabish Tripartite

Notes (2006)[edit]

I have the complete allegiances file compiled from various sources. Do we want to include the entire thing? My count shows about 226 entries from various canon and non-canon sources.

- Seanr451

Yes, but split the canon and non-canon into separate sections if at all possible.
- Dcorrin 14:48, 9 March 2006 (UTC)

Discussion of what constitutes canon:

  • The Vargr codes currently listed are from the Megatraveller Adventure 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy. This is an officially licensed product but is not on the "canon" list published by Marc.
  • The HIWG codes are not canon (obviously).
  • Challenge 39 is canon or not?
  • Atlas of the Imperium and the Alien modules are.

Also, how did we want this split up? One big list? by era? By sector?

Excellent job on this article so far. I think you should just keep doing what you've been doing. List the codes, and their source. Then anyone who reads the article can decide which ones they want to use. Which ones they think are canon or not. Enough of the entries are canon for the article itself to be listed in the canon category.
- Seanr451 22:34, 11 March 2006 (UTC)