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Star Legion Ranks

The mixed Human/Vargr forces of the Legion required a new set of ranks that did not come from either races' military history, and that gave a flat, flexible command structure.

O9 » Grandmaster
O8 » Strategist
O7 » Semi-Strategist
O6 » Commander
O5 » Semi-Commander
O4 » Tactician
O3 » Semi-Tactician
O2 » Leader
O1 » Semi-Leader
E7 » Veteran
E6 » Semi-Veteran
E5 » Senior
E4 » Semi-Senior
E3 » Junior
E2 » Semi-Junior
E1 » Recruit

The Star Legion is the Julian Protectorate's military arm. It is tasked with protecting Protectorate member states from external threats, most notably the Third Imperium, and from internal warmongering.

  • Legionaries are recruited from amongst the Protectorate's member states. Because the Star Legion must be seen to be independent they are asked to renounce their state citizenship and become solely Protectorate citizens. This also serves to somewhat protect legionaries during times when they must serve in a state that is currently in conflict with their home state.
  • Because the Star Legion was first formed by the Menderes Corporation, it did not have a traditional command structure or system of ranks. Instead, the initial Star Legion's organisation was a bizarre mix of various mercenary units, local navies and corsairs. The rank table on the right shows the final solution Menderes' military advisors reached.
  • By using meaningful words for ranks, the Legion managed to have an understandable ranking system, that nevertheless had no commonality with existing Human or Vargr military systems. The bureaucrats have of course added complexity to the Protectorate ranking system, adding the prefix "Semi-" to a rank to indicate an individual nearly of that rank but not yet deemed capable of it, the only ranks to escape this treatment are those of Recruit (there is nothing lower) and Grandmaster (you can't nearly be one).

Legion Organization[edit]

The Star Legion is organized into three main divisions, Navy, Marines and Farguard.

Star Legion Navy[edit]

The lion's share of Legion budgets are spent on the Navy, as befits a military organization tasked with defending a multi-sector interstellar state.

The Navy divides itself into Main Fleet, Jump-capable warships, from battleship to escort; Flight, fighters, shuttles and other small craft; and Local Forces, which includes the Navy's battle tenders and battle riders. Main Fleet forms the Star Legion's offensive forces, frequently in commerce raider roles.

The Local Forces area is the one that most deviates from the Third Imperium's Imperial Navy, against which the Star Legion is often compared. The Protectorates' member states are asked to provide a certain quota of battle riders for the Navy. These are then allocated to defending the worlds of that member state, provided they are available for pickup by Legion battle tenders for patrols, training and of course war. The battle riders are the only ships in the Navy that bear both the Protectorate's symbol and that of local worlds within member states.

  • Main Fleet Uniform: Black shipsuit with ship badge, dress grays with gray cloak.
  • Flight Uniform: Black jumpsuit with squadron badge, dress grays with black cloak.
  • Local Forces Uniforms: Black shipsuit with system badge, dress grays with gray cloak.

Legion Marines[edit]

The Marines mainly consists of the Legions, the ordinary marines, their support vehicles and their heavy weapons. There are two elite squads within the Marines that are worthy of mention. The Hoplite Assault and Raiding Deployment Squads (HARDS) are battle dress equipped marines who specialize in EVA operations (Legion battle dress is called Hoplite armour). The Subsurface Qualified Insertion and Demolition Squads (SQuIDS) are marines who specialize in subsurface (ie. underwater) operations, particularly covert insertions and demolitions.

Both HARDS and SQuIDS have excelled at operations normally regarded as too risky for normal marine troops. HARDS have assaulted and taken over entire class A Highports, in time for Navy cruisers to pull up alongside for refuel or repairs. SQuIDS have shown themselves capable of neutralizing defensive submarine meson cannons, ensuring that planetary defenses were less of a threat to Navy assault carriers in orbit.

  • Legions Uniform: Camouflage shipsuit, dress blacks with red beret.
  • HARDS Uniform: Black jumpsuit, dress blacks with gray beret.
  • SQuIDS Uniform: Black jumpsuit, dress blacks with blue beret.

Legion Farguard[edit]

The Farguard are the Legion equivalent to both the Imperial Scouts and Imperial Intelligence. The three main divisions of the Farguard are Scouts, Intelligence and Auditors. Scouts oversee extra-border patrols, military surveys and have an early warning role. Intelligence are responsible for intelligence gathering, counter-espionage and counter-terrorism on a Protectorate level, sometimes against groups internal to the Protectorate. Auditors take on the legal duties for the Legion, and internal affairs, they also have a role as independent weapons inspectors to keep all member states military potential transparent to each other.

Intelligence Uniform: Black shipsuit, dress greens with black beret. Auditors Uniform: Green shipsuit, dress greens with green beret. Scouts Uniforms: Camouflage shipsuit, dress greens with black beret.

Fleet Organization[edit]

The Legion Navy organizes their ships into wolfpacks, fleets and hordes.


The equivalent of an Imperial squadron, a wolfpack will consist of a number (3-15) ships of often quite varying sizes. The ships will all be of a similar speed and jump capability, as it is their mobility that makes the Legion wolfpack so fearsome. Common tactics are to swarm enemy convoys or outriders, with overwhelming force, and then withdraw before the reinforcements can arrive.


The Legion fleet organization is often more used for administrative purposes than actual combat. Technically, a fleet will have 10-50 ships assigned to it, of sizes varying from battleships in the 100,000+ dton range, to 400 dton patrol cruisers.


Serious problems require serious solutions, and in a time of war the Legion will quickly assemble a massive number of ships in an attempt to overwhelm the opposition. Such a unit is called a horde, and will typically have 100-3,000 ships assigned to it. There have been only a few times in the history of the Protectorate when such a horde was required.

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