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Base Information
Classification Scavenger/reducer
Terrain Burrowing
Locomotion Digger
Size 9.0m, 1000kg
Speed Unknown
Strength Unknown
Social Structure Unknown
Weapons Body
Armor Unknown
Homeworld Guaran (Ricenden 0827)
Multi-world No
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Reference Alien Module 7 - Hivers

The Snohl is a large (1,000 kilogram) troglobitic (cave dwelling) burrowing scavenger/reducer found on the Hiver homeworld of Guaran (Ricenden 0827).

Physiology & Ecology[edit]

The proto-Hivers were originally omnivorous scavengers which were attracted to the Snohl's leavings. These proto-Hivers lived in the tunnels and built-up mounds of the Snohl. In exchange for shelter, the Hivers provided the Snohl food. Hivers farmed fungus in abandoned Snohl tunnels, and foraged outside for decaying vegetation and dead animals, which they used as a source of food for the fungus. Hivers ate the fungus (and whatever fresh food they could find outside, as well); the burrowers also ate fungus and various other by-products of the Hiver farming efforts.

Life Cycle & Reproduction[edit]

No information yet available.

Diet & Trophics[edit]

Snohl eat fungus, decaying vegetation, dead animals, and various other by-products of the Hiver farming efforts.

History & Background[edit]

Over the course of time, groups of proto-Hivers moved into the Snohl's burrows, digging out small dens in the edges of the Snohl's main tunnels; eventually a symbiotic relationship was established where the proto-Hivers evolved into gatherers which accumulated food for themselves and the Snohl, and, in return, the Snohl provided shelter. Proto-Hivers were relatively solitary, with one forming a relationship with one Snohl and sharing that Snohl's burrows. When one Snohl's tunnel crossed another, they mated and each Snohl's proto-Hivers also mated.

Travellers' Aid Society Advisory[edit]

No information yet available.

References & Contributors (Source)[edit]

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