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A sophont responsible for planning or undertaking the security of a ship or facility

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Security Specialist is an individual who is acting to plan or undertake maintaining the security of a ship or facility. On Military Ships, this will often be a Marine, on Civilian Ships, this will usually be a member of a Paramilitary organisation specifically hired for the role or a general member of the Crew.

The most senior Security Specialist aboard as ship (if any) will often be titled the Master at Arms.

Security specialists will oversee all aspects of security, but may consult with or employ specialists in specific areas e.g. Cybersecurity.

Security may include vetting employees to protect against barratry or embezzlement; checking access to the vessel or facility; checking cargo for explosives and other unwanted items (e.g. vermin); confirming fire precautions are in place, etc. The main purpose of a Security Specialist is to assess security risk and mitigate that risk as cost efficiently as possible. Sadly, a few using the title have a reputation for violence, and this has marred the reputation of the industry as a whole.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Security Specialists have existed ever since the first Huscarl was placed to keep an eye on the baggage.

n.b. Security Specialists are generally neither Law Enforcement Officers nor Bounty Hunters. They may, in some circumstances, classify as Mercenaries under the Imperial Rules of War and may be employed as Huscarls by Imperial Nobles.

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