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Type Fabric
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr2,000
Size 0.02 liter
Weight 20g
per square meter

Schirusz, a textile fabric, also known by its trade names of Thermalsilk or MemoryCloth. It is a silky, synthetic fabric that, fashioned into garments, shrinks or expands (activated by the wearer's body heat) to fit like a second skin on the wearer's body.

Schirusz is air-permeable and very comfortable to wear. It is often correctly touted as the next best thing to being naked. It is so snug that some sophonts wear under- or overgarments for modesty's sake. This fabric is often used to tailor nudesuits.

Schirusz is made by several concerns in the Imperium. The price for this fabric is inside the Imperium, and can cost Cr5,000-Cr15,000 outside the Third Imperium. Its main markets in the Beyond are the Mapepire Cluster (especially Lilith), Eslyat Magistracy, and Die Weltbund as well as the Trelyn Domain in the Vanguard Reaches. It is also a popular item for hijacking and resale on planets where the cloth would not normally affordable.

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