Rull Subsector

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Rull Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Rull
No. of Stars 24
Majority Control Mnemosyne Principality - 75%
2nd Control Non-aligned - 25%
Map Key Map Key

The Capital of the Mnemosyne Principality is in the Far Frontiers Sector, and Rull (Foreven M) subsector can be described as the Mnemosyne backyard. Aside from trade moving up the Mortal Coil through the rimward interface, the Principality recieves little contact from the rest of the Spinward Extents. Rull and Lassana subsectors are occupied primarily to keep out pirates and powers hostile to the Principality. Development is rather limited, and many worlds are colonies with only nominal loyalty to the Principality. The Principality is named after Mnemosyne, the Greek Goddess of Memory and the mother of the Seven Muses.

The Cale system is a prison colony used by the Mnemosyne government to exile incorrigible prisoners.

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