Lassana Subsector

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Lassana Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Meltrand
No. of Stars 16
Majority Control Mnemosyne Principality - 50%
2nd Control Non-aligned - 50%
Map Key Map Key

Lassana (Foreven I) subsector is a backwater subsector on the fringes of the Mnemosyne Principality. Low stellar density, a lack of good trade routes, and the poor quality of the local worlds have conspired against large scale development. The Principality's interest in these worlds is largely defensive, keeping out pirates and preventing other hostile interests from establishing a presence on their trailing-coreward border. Since the Collapse its primary problem has been keeping out Avalaran smugglers and freebooters.

The Principality has so far avoided a blanket amber zone rating due to the Zhodani Exodus. Only a few million refugees have been allowed into its borders, mostly the sick and infirm. Able bodied Zhodani are mostly turned away towards the Avalar Consulate or the Regency.

The total population is only 140 million. The highest population is 80 million at Alista. The highest Tech-Level is B, at Mospat.

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