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The Zhodani Exodus is the mass migration of the Zhodani to rimward in the ongoing chaos caused by the Empress Wave. The Zhodani called it the Viajia, literally "Hammer".

Zhodani Exodus (New Era Event) History[edit]

The Empress Wave officially entered the Zhodani Consulate in 1084, traveling faster-than-light-speed over the coreward edge of the Chit Botshti, Dalchie Jdatl and Driasera sectors in 1075 then taking 10 years to reach the first Zhodani worlds. The wave's effect on psis was devastating, and the Consulate with its dependency upon the psionic nobility, started to unravel.

Since the effects of the Empress Wave could last a decade or more on a world, the Consulate attempted to replace the affected nobility. Unfortunately, the constant disruption of the otherwise very stable Zhodani society and lack of defined leadership began the process of unravelling the Consulate.

Zhodani Exodus (New Era Event) Aftermath[edit]

Many of the nobility, fearful of the death or loss of their psionic powers, began to move rimward to escape the Empress Wave. In many cases, the Proles came with their leaders. But as the Wave moved deeper into the Consulate the considered migration of a few became an overwhelming tidal wave of Humaniti.

The effects of moving billions of people caused massive disruptions. At first, these disruptions were entirely within the Consulate, but in the years following the first impacts of the Wave, the swelling number of refugee ships flooded over the border, into the Regency and the smaller polities through Yiklerzdanzh, Far Frontiers, Foreven, and the Spinward Marches sectors. Generally however, there was nowhere to run to: the Wave left devastated ("insane") biospheres in its wake.

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