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The Qrekrsha Zone is a mysterious, anomalous zone deep with Zhodani Space near the Zhdant Abyss. [1]


The Qrekrsha Zone was a lifeless zone within a thirty parsec radius spherical area centered on Qrekrsha, thought to be created by an accident involving secret Zhodani-held artifacts. [2]


Qrekrsha (1929 Zdiedeiant) sits on the edge of the great Zhdant Abyss. Initial exploration in the –5400s found nothing of interest but in −5326 a survey team found a massive, mountain-sized amorphous blob of vitreous stone embedded in the ruins of an Ancient city. Eventually similarities between the object and the Erdriad Erdriap were reported and, after discussions, the Qlomdlabr agreed to have them brought together for study. The Erdriad Erdriap arrived in the Qrekrsha system in −5274 and researchers began earnestly working to find out what the two did. The mountain object, eventually called the Erdriap Chensh (‘controller of wills’), was theorised to be able to control the wills of Humans over a vast area of space, elevating or reducing their motivations and direction. This information was kept secret and buried as the Consulate began to collapse under its stresses. [3]

When fighting did break out, the faction in control of the Qrekrsha system reviewed the two artefacts and, after ensuring their people were safely nearby, they activated the Erdriap Chensh in −5248, intending to benefit their own people and their allies. In fact, the artefact was set for the reverse effect. The field expanded at the speed of light, first within the Qrekrsha system itself, then to the worlds around it, within a 30 parsec radius. The Consulate watched with horror as all Humans within the area stopped caring about themselves or anything else, eventually starving to death. The Qrekrsha Zone lasted for centuries, leaving a massive barren zone within the Consulate. The warring factions quickly dropped their fighting, recognising that urgency needed to be given to saving populations. In fact, no one knew how long it would continue to expand, so many plans were set in motion. There was great relief when the effect finally stopped progressing in −5150. [4]

The two artefacts are now kept sectors apart and under direct Qlomdlabr control. Even after six millennia, the zone has a much smaller population than the rest of the Consulate and the Qrekrsha system remains Forbidden. [5]


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