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This article contains several mission seeds from the creative mind of Ronald B. Kline, Jr. of the Imperial Navy.

  • It is an unpublished adventure.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

In the Unofficial system there are several missions. Traveller One Shot Adventure

Aliceport Orbital swings slowly over a desolate moon with a Frigate docked.

Golden Heel Yacht owner approached by a couple of survivors who want help recovery a treasure and smuggling it out past customs. They are pursued by mysterious agents.

High Citadel A ship crashes high in the mountains. A political figure is among the survivors and his enemies shot the ship and are coming to confirm the kill and get the body. The team must try to survive until evac help arrives.

Bastion Ship’s Computer/AI Cortex/Virus

Android (doesn’t know they are a robot until wounded) Cargo Bot/Brute/Big Strong/0GR (zero G robot) 4 arms, 2m 200kg Engineering Repair Bot (Spider) 25kg Scout/Probe (Sensor/Rocket Motor) 50kg Combat Drone (Centaur Tank/Torso) rockets/missiles, laser, grenades, HMG, 1 ton Pyramids on hostile alien world, ancient knowledge, hidden vault, relic/artifact, protector, puzzle, defenses trap, enemy team/competition Aslan Warrior E98685 Age 34 Terms 4 Dewclaw-2, 2.2m 120kg Droyne invisibility, flight, wings, ampules of PSI drugs Vargr Corsair Zhodani Psionic, commando, teleport, clairvoyance Orbital Space Station/Trading High Port: Juan Carlos 684667 (Antonio Banderas) merchant/pirate Ships boat-1, nav-1, foil-1, dagger-1 Jack, Foil, Dagger, Cr2,500

Brute one shot Grenade Launcher, ceramic knife, cloth armor, 0.1kg radio, goggles with smart gun rig, medical kit 10kg, DAD683

2.2m 122kg Brawling-1, Dagger-1, Streetwise-1, Heavy Weapons-1, Medical-1

Nik Dowstride A86554 sword-3, streetwise
Rob Nawob 586A54 sword-2, cloth armor,

EX30 Scattercast Combat Shotgun and a Marine Revolver

The Quartermaster

Shipwright of the White Tower Aries Nemesis SMG Navigation Satellite/Signal Relay Smugglers Base 1d6 Repair Bays/Dry Docks 1d6x10tons Asteroid Caverns/Bays/Warehouses/Cargo Brokerage Dragon Lady (Baronet) “ironfist” cyborg arm A98A8C Age 38, Terms 5, Admin 1d6 tons of silks, wine, exotic spices Lo Kang (astronomer/computer sage/navigator) Scientist Sabatini, author, novelist Wufei, Tsung lieutenants bows, spears, cutlasses, Bo’sun, Spike and Stinky Bo (Pirates) Drinking Hall, gambling den, Barnard (harbormaster) Leeward Reef (Asteroids) Treasure Vault: ingots of 1d6 tons of gold, silver, art (4) Hostages/Young Princesses (sandwiches, cake, ginger beer)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

One the fateful day you all met, you had been delivered to the Uruk down starport. Retired, or mustered out from service. With the clothes on your back, alittle money and some gear. A few crude, oft abused public employment terminals sit across from military and service recruiting offices, at the starport, across from the starport bar. The lone star cantina, sanitized and souless, lacking character in a vapid corporate way. Sticky seats wiped with unclean rags. The only overpriced drinks available this side of the line. Manned by a handful of disinterested staff. Some have settled in for long waits and flight delays, some wait expectantly for arrivals from outworld. Eventually a fight at bar spills out, it starts as a brawl, then blades and finally a gun battle, hired gang members (1/PC razor angels) were used to cause distraction, they attacked off duty marine squad (unknowingly) elsewhere 1d6 terrorist (belter infiltrators) bomb threat, ship blows up at park bay, a ship they are assigned to use, 20ton gig, royal charter (kingdom) roll for police hassle, weapons check vs. law level (guns except for shotguns, open display discouraged) Terrorists escape by car into the slums of the city, not pursued by Confederate forces beyond the line. TAS hotel, casino (roll 2d6+gambling skill, vs. 2d6 for the house, high score wins, small, medium large bets, win or lose bet 1d6x10 for small, x100 for medium and 1,000 for large), if lose large get complimentary room and meals for 1d6 days. Passenger: forged papers Jack Reynolds, the jackal is heading to kill governor of colony, marine history EDU roll for knowledge of lost legion Government scientists send via sub to the arctic station to recover sensitive data, crashed satellite, the enemy team (Special Forces, commandoes) sent as well, one of crew/passenger gov't advisor is a saboteur Ship trapped in launch silo and enemy ASB battery must be disabled so they can take off Noble patron shot down and may fall into enemy hands, need to rescue him Wounded Patron (cyborg/pirate) charters the boat to take him and his medic out to rendezvous with a pirate ship in the ring system Mission: get the ship and get off-planet, get to the secret base for patron trading mission encounter national ship 1d4 leaving the area pirate ship attack in orbit over destination, win salvage or lose shot down, survive re-entry 8+ Noble Patron if social standing A+ Endiku wild man, dreads, brawling at the bar, major domo for noble Trade: Merchant Contacts


Major 1d+2 x2d6x10tons each lot Minor 1dd+3 x1d6 tons each lot incidental 1d6-3, less than 1ton each Passengers: High 3d6-2d6 Medium 3d6-2d6 (Low 3d6) Speculate Military Mission/Ticket: If ex-army or marines in party, job offer from retired commander Mercenary Abstract Animal Encounter: Jungle Tentacle Mass/Plant Sea Behemoth, battle, thrasher Mountain Humbala 900kg Flying Killer, Pike, Stinger, Claws+3, Cloth Armor, AFS Space Battle: Initiative: roll 1d6+1/tactics to determine range of either 1-3 light seconds= Long, less than 1 second=Short, lasers +1 short, missiles+1 long Relative Computer Level: Tactics Pursuit vs. Break Off by Acceleration: start at long, roll 1d6+1/agility high score wins, +1 if higher acceleration Repairs: 1 roll/turn +1 factor on 8+, per crew working, add skills of crew involved, one set of spares per factor in normal USP Pursuit: Boarding: allowed if target has no maneuver/no weapons Abstract 1d6 high score wins, +1/5 marines, +1/10 crew, take casualties=x2 the enemies modified dice roll DMs to hit: + relative computer rating, -agility Heroes: 1st The island that is not an island, discover that an asteroid moon is really a base/ship, explore, there is a "king" local noble on a nearby moon or island, befriend the king and help him with his monster problem, save his riding animals reunite with the ship's crew and take the trade items and gifts back to the market place, commerce exchange, (lumber/cedar) The local king lusts after a female PC, if angered he throws you in the arena, his princess daughter will try to help you escape. Inner System 1st Encounter Orbital Station to refuel and take on cargo, lift off empty, have cargo claim tickets, recipes, need to gather and deliver cargo, Warship 1d4 for nation, GRU, USA, OFF, Kingdom, near home, starting out, heave to and prepare to be boarded, health inspection, sabotage/bomb Pirate Attack, near destination, win for salvage or lose for crash land/abandon ship and marooned, need new ship, salvage wreckage Merchant Vessel on Return Voyage , pirate opportunity if they received a letter of Marque from grateful governor Cinder Home Moon Marstan Moons

CINDER G400363-7 "mining" colony, vacuum, almost tidally locked, very slow rotation, (4) nationalistic crawler platform(s), forge, hull metal, armor, deliver message/help new governor, need life support, food, water, air, recreation, luxury items, anti-radiation treatments/drugs

Landing Strip, 5km long, 1km wide, 20 ton cargo module w/1 ton electric fork lift, 1 ton freight elevator, base module, workshop, kitchen, medical bay, (no staff) He has plans for a miner's camp, buried underground, bring in slave girls, set up a bar

HOME (B)867676-7 Both, rich, agro, garden, space station (scouts) 1,000tons scout tender

Confederate Scout Station

ST-A701122-000000-00007-1 MCr. 258.04 1,000ton TL 7
1 Hyper Velocity Kinetic Kill Rail Gun Weapon Array
Crew 32: 5 marines, pilot, navigator, 2 engineers, medic, 2 gunners, 20 flight crew
Cargo: 112 tons   Fuel: 110 tons   EP: 10 Agility: 1   
Craft: 8 x 10T ASB Tigers, 1 x 20T Gig, 4 x 100T Scouts
Fuel Treatment:   On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/2 Computer 1 x Bridge
Architects Fee: MCr 2.580   Cost in Quantity: MCr 206.432
15 Liberty Moon B301565-7 colony (utopia/planatia boat yards/military base/marine camp le luen/confederate naval HQ)
MARSTAN (Barsoom)G533563-7 colony, poor

secret vertical launch silo, ASB (anti-ship battery) hidden in the desert with the experimental cinder cone extinct volcano with a weird thermal plume, a scientist hires you to investigate, armor and sand casters Desmond Miles, Scientist at Aspergo Labs, Memory Chip, RNA implants Retrieve Artifact from the Guardian Knight's Temple Head to the village market, contact the stranded merchant and protect him from the thieves Deliver supplies to the hospital, get permission to access the scholars at the university and learn what they have found leave before the soldiers and government officials arrive to imprison you escape to the agro dome and meet with the rebel cell leader find and kill the alien slave trader at the Arsun Farming Complex, 3 waves of three soldiers each, they have uniforms, SMGs, (3) clips, helmets with 1power radios and (2) smoke grenades Spider Rat Explorer Angry Red Planet

EX 0102221-710000-00001-0 MCr 46.25  50tons
Batteries       1                    1     Crew 4
Cargo: 4.5 tons   Fuel: 1 ton    EP: 1    Agility: 2   Marines: 1
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.463   Cost in Quantity: MCr 37

(2) Asteroid Tiny Moons actually ancient ships (crystalline Death Moons) Crystalline Death Moon AKA the Kraken/ Haydren 1,000ton spherical buffered planetoid TL 8 DM-A901122-D00000-00007-1 MCr. 512.418 1 battery of thor's hammer, shard planet killer missiles Crew 26 : 10 marines, pilot, navigator, 2 engineers, medic, 2 gunners, 9 flight crew Cargo: 2 ton treasure vault Fuel: 10 tons EP: 10 Agility: 1 Craft: 8 x 8T Crystal Shard Fighters, 1 x 20T Gig Architects Fee: MCr 5.124 Cost in Quantity: MCr 409.934

Escort Duty Royal Junk/Detached Duty Scout EX-1102221-010000-10001-0 MCr. 53 100tons 1 decoy launcher, 1 missile rack, 1 pulse laser Crew: pilot, gunner, up to 6 marines, 4 staterooms Cargo: 46 tons Fuel: 2 tons EP: 2 Agility: 1(2) Architects Fee: MCr 0.46 Cost in Quantity: MCr 36.8 Options: Salvage/Spare 1g drive 2tons 3MCr, back up computer 2tons 9MCr., aux bridge 20tons 0.5 MCr., auxiliary power generator 4tons 12MCr., 1d6 6 ton ASB tiger fighters 6MCr. each This is the starting vessel for the space pirate campaign. It has 2G's acceleration and a powerful factor 2 fission reactor coupled with solar panels, a fuel cell and batteries which combine to produce 1000MW which is enough to power the laser pulsar in combat. It is modest with a spin habitat with two staterooms in each end. The flight crew have one end and the marines share the other. There is a 46 ton cargo bay. Weapons: The rocket launcher has three ready missiles and storage for nine more in a magazine. The three ready loads are a probe, a HE dog fight missile with IR seeker, and a thermo nuclear Mk 48 ship killer torpedo, with radio link command guidance and optical terminal homing and home on jammer options.

The LADAR and laser communication array are fused with the multi-task CLAWS (complete, long axis weapons system) the laser array can be over powered and used as a single pulse weapon battery. This can be used for point defense against missiles with the appropriate software loaded in the model 2 computer. 3/6 maneuver, target, launch

The counter measures launcher has a water canister effective against laser and missiles, a IR nova flare cartridge, chaff/window canister for foiling targeting radars, and an ECM pod for decoying and jamming active seeking missiles. Software: Model 2 3/6 Basic Package: 1/0.1 maneuver 1/1 target 1/2 launch Skills: Predict navigation skill as bonus to hit 8+ for a single attack to achieve bonus Gunnery, select (called shot if hit -1 to hit), anti-missile, return fire Engineering double fire ECM electronics Evade pilot Anti-Hijack tactics, can surprise enemy ships, win initiative nav/electronics sensors to spot enemies before they detect you, stay passive longer, must go active to shoot well, can try shot w/o TA radar -1 to hit, can surprise enemy, get free turn to attack w/surprise Tiger ASB Fighters FL-0202201-000000-00002-0 MCr. 8.635 6tons TL7 Crew: 1 Pilot/Gunner, 2 Rail Gun Batteries 20FP of ammo each Cargo: 0.5tons Fuel 1ton EP 0.12 Agility 2 Fuel Scoops Architects Fee MCr. 0.086 Cost in Quantity: MCr. 6.908 Start on planet in secret base, baronies: Royal Patronage for social standing 11+ 1) jungle, lumber, tappers, coffee farm, village, recruiters, bribery, forgery documents to escape, hit man/assassin (jackal), near major river with tall waterfall, launch silo under waterfall 2) underwater, aqua-dome, sea caves, sub coral, fish farm, platform, rig, sea grasses, reef, fish cargo consignment, relic vessel under the ice shelf 3)mountain top, Shangri-La Monastery (brawling training) , Abandoned Uranium Mine, sick miners, ore consignment, dormant volcano launch tube 4) moon base, aluminum mine, bauxite, oxygen, fuel, greenhouse, command module, bunker, barracks, garage, metals, alloys, ores 5) city skyscraper; corporate HQ, electronics firm, investments, the ship is in orbit 6) Desert Fortress, helicopter, air cav platoon, launch silo, Air Cavalry Troop: the Goblins riding 10 Wyvern Copters, Blades/Bayonets, Jack, 8mm Wolf Carbines

7) Castle, cheap labor, cool climate, foggy, quaint B&B, resort, make contact w/patron, banquet/feast/party/mingle and roll for reaction, escort local princess and act as bodyguards, she sings in a rock band, ship was a SDB and is acting like a sea monster attack boats trying to cross the lake, computer glitch, possible advanced alien/relic software Random People: Erica/Erich Tameron Nacy/Nolan Rosek Daniele/Diego Steward Wynona/Winford Malik Holly/Harlan Cedeno Henrietta/Hank Frakes Lindsey/Linwood Nesheim Kendra/Keven Kehoe Mackenzie/McKinley Llewellyn Theona/Thaddeus Zemke Passenger/Patron List 1. A un-guarded diplomat named Rance Mason needs someone to transport her to a remote moon to negotiate a trade treaty with the natives. Must avoid an inquisitive media reporter. 2. A wealthy military officer named Jesse Lipson needs someone to transport him to his land grant ranch and he needs help finding his missing family and setting up the farm. 3. A frantic scientist named Andon Ricia needs someone to recover an object (software) from the ruins of the Trakyo Station above Adonis. 4. A charming diplomat named Gery Derson needs someone to explore the Br'Meehee Sector of the Inner Ring System (looking for ship wreckage from pirate attack). 5. A un armed merchant named Johnne Erell needs someone to transport him and an associate to an uncharted base on an "abandoned" moon. There is a run in with an unexpected security detail. 6. A crime lord named Egon Powash needs someone to help him rescue a hostage from the pirates of the system. Further, the party encounters an old ally now working against them. 7. A government official named Ritina Reson needs someone to recover an object from the ruins of the Voido Station near Nyx. 8. A merchant named Coni needs someone to transport 7000 tons of industrial chemicals to a nearby world. However, the job is a trap. 9. A scientist named Mara Jenkins needs someone to hunt down and destroy a rogue assassin with an orbital strike weapon system. 10. A concert promoter wants her rock band taken on the road for a system wide tour.

SGG Manubalista
Black Sands Ring YR00000-0
12 Colonies
Pandinus H100166-7 research laboratory
Miaphonus F200565-7 Duchy of Von Bristol, colony
Granith F100265-7 military base
Orious G100463-7 mining base
Invious Y6A0000-0
Tawnos H443514-7 mining colony, poor
Kroog G777386-7
Fariss YS00168-7
Sekoor FAF45B6-7 Fluid
Humbolt F412467-7 County of Von Bristol Family frozen hydrocarbon mining station
Telum Y100000-0 Barren
Vaduz H101214-7 ice-capped, mining colony
Drakon's Folly Y111167-7 ice-capped
Holman's World H2E3267-7 exotic, fluid
Gorkha Y5D4300-5 interdicted
Urza F300269-7 military base
Hurloon Y655300-4 interdicted
Vaejovis H222233-9
Shoals Belt F000562-7 (3) Clans Iron/Gold/Copper

w/o the Rockman's Navigational Rutter, take asteroid hits/damage from flying through this belt Belters/Rockmen (mining, raw materials) 3 clans, Iron, Copper, Gold, (2,000) Rock Men 1.5 HP, immune to fire, low O2 requirements, reanimated human/silicate hybrids, AI crystalline cooperation Belters Alliance Iron Clan Belters/Letter of Marguee from the Kingdom Villain Marquis Montalban, hostage grandfather (brilliant scientist) partial memory wiped, mind control implant, cortex bomb, Monolith (jump drive), gate way portal, "its full of stars" (has a Vercadian protector android)

IRON FIST/the hand/Gauntlet CLAN port Centaur F000160-7
GOLD DRAGON CLAN starbury G000160-7
COPPER CLAN latch-tight H000000-7

Outer System Far Companion White Dwarf LGG in habitable zone, 20 moons Ring System (nebula) jams long range sensors, to short range only 20 moons

Planet Zero H100112-7 yo yo dyne propulsion HQ, zero saucer Lord John Warfin
Kylos F354315-7 farming colony (males)
Lat Nam G484300-7
Spalamneus Y20026C-7
Spica Y100369-7 military base
Alias H555000-7 guardian knights temple
Arcus H211100-7
Silmani G200566-7 colony
Latvaria F332235-7
Ambolina H220194-7 desert
Rulana Y4A4183-9 exotic, fluid hydrosphere, methane, ammonia, cold, icy, crabs
Tovan Y200000-0
Subatai F300563-7 colony
Free Hold H211396-7 ice-capped
Kamor V F451285-7
Migran Y100000-0
Kryptos HS00000-0
Barmstoke's World F2222A4-8 research lab
New Milford G100163-7
Nildoror H342470-7

Snow D96B93 G3, Omegazon, Other (crusader-assassin), Terms 3, Age 22, Rank 2 Warrior, Ht 1.7m Wt: 64kg Hair Silver Eyes Green, Tan Skin, 13,000Cr. High Psg Steward-1, Gunnery-1, Navigation-1, Rifle-1, Sword-1, Broadsword-2, Tactics-1, Jack-O-T-2, Gambling-1, ATV-1 (Snubbed by piratesx2) Red Jack Armor, Broadsword

Jungle Resort

Inner System[edit]

1 Warship/Patrol/Police Cruiser Pulse Laser, Vanguard
2 Troop Transport/marine squad, vac suits, cutlass, revolver, ATV
Drop Ship Commando Class
DS-0201101-000000-00002-0 MCr. 11.15  	20 tons
Bearing                                 1    			Crew 8
Batteries                               1        			TL 7
Cargo: 1 ton hold  Fuel: 1  EP: 0.2 Agility: 1   Marines: 7
Craft: 1 x 10T ATV
Architects Fee: MCr 0.112  Cost in Quantity: MCr 8.92
3 Yacht Slippery Misfit Princess Willamina (Bunny Tamaki Body Guard AAA882 Age 26 1.65m 50kg Sword-2)
4 Passenger Vessel Flight of the Moorglade, ion drive, solar panels,
5 Fighter Squadron Kestrel Class
6 Scout Cruiser C-57D 16 crew, Saucer

Middle System[edit]

1 Lab Ship/Orbital Research Station
2 Life Boat/Beacon
3 Warship/Picket Vessel Hornet
4 Trader/Merchant AX 19 Manus Lexus Laura Croft (2) Auto Pistols 9CA99A
5 Pirate Honest Pilgrim James Crow 1.72m 84kg Brawling-1
6 Wreckage/Salvage

Outer System[edit]

1 Alien Green Ice /Methane Crabs
2 Derelict
3 Asteroid Mining Platform
4 Pirate/Raider/Shackles/Rapier/Foil/Swash buckler
5 Colonizer
6 Alien/Robot/Defense Platform

Ship Designs[edit]

Blood Moon 40ton Frigate

Dragon Helm targeting reticle, near miss indicator, HUD, 0.1 kg radio 20 power, visor LI/IR, nuc proof/gold flash polarizer

Wayward Blessings Unarmed Cargo Barge/ore carrier headed for orbital processor
Kraken Sloop 30ton
Spindle Demon Pirate

Syringes of medical drug

Daffodil Class

EX-0701101-000000-00001-0 MCr. 7.725  	8 tons
Bearing                                 1    			Crew 1
Batteries                               1        			TL 7
Cargo: 0.5 ton Fuel: 1 ton EP: 0.08   Agility: 1
Architects Fee: MCr 0.077   Cost in Quantity: MCr 6.18

(3) Dead Eye IR Homing Missiles 50kg HE Warheads, Cluster at the end of a tow cable
(Alien Life Pod=Low Berth in hold)
Solar Sail 1km2
Thorium Fission Micro Pile



Pharah Marine, cloth, auto rifle, revolver, cutlass, vac suit, out of work mercenary
Winston (Scientist) Naval Architect Luna Naval base, Vac Suit, genetically uplifted Ape/Gorilla

A Wreckage/Derelict Ship old sub light ram-scoop colonizer, wake up, storage locker, ship attacked by pirate clan, looted 1. reactive bridge/reboot main computer COMP, success library data fragment, failure shorts out, repair ELECTRONICS, 2. figure out where you are NAV, (info reveal or not), 3. start power plant ENG, failure repair, MECHANIC weld/splice/seal, leaking coolant lines 4. fire main drives correctly and acquire orbit/de-accelerate PILOT, fail abandon ship (re-entry glider/one use) PILOT/SHIPs BOAT 5. Ship needs repairs, towed to orbital station/high port, above nobles/colonial governor’s base (patron), need repairs favors owed cost 1d6 million credits, cargo hold B Defend Outpost 12, Pirate Attack, Space Battle Murder Crime Scene matchbook, promotional flyer, notice bum (roll, drunk, clue, no info), Club Hapgood, bouncer (brawling, flak armor, body pistol), 500cr bribe, alley, interrogation Metropolis, Chase Scene NPC with info, pursuit mobsters cycle versus cars, criminal, corporate mercenaries, rescue (success), or get caught by police, failure post bail/bonded, favors owed, success, sent to jail (failure), escape/rescued Secure Tower/Sky Scraper clue, account number/computer file, HALO insertion other building, cable over /VTOL, helo gunship extraction, 2 hour window encryption key, security team=PCs, building rigged to explode, PC will be blamed, it was a trap Noble Estate: gardens, sheds, fountains, landscaped, servants, the master returns, mortally wounded delivers weapon and clues, enemy troops show up, wheeled vehicles, 1/PC with 4 mooks, a single hit kills them, pistols, shotgun, brawling C Assault Enemy Base, Heart of Darkness, Moon Base, Pyramid, Mother Ship, Away Boat Trapped on surface, need to escape, Pyramid tunnel, volcano, power plant, fumarole, geo-thermal heat tap, planetary defense missile battery, computer, flying blood sucking pests, hulking brute, destroy, disable tracking array, sensor net, communication links/data feed


Johnny the Rock
STR C DEX 6 END E INT 6 EDU 6 SOC 6 Age 47 2.2m 200kg HP 48
Leader-1, Liaison-1, Interrogation-1, Tactics-1, Shotgun-3, Handgun-1
filter mask, cloth armor (vest and lined coat), cell phone, auto pistol with laser sights +1, shotgun, ground car (jimmy is his driver),personal secretary loaded on hand computer,(3) suits of fine clothing (in case of blood stains),doc wagon contract, bank card (Cr. 8,300)
Contacts: Jimmy from down the block, Jimmy 2 Feet (right hand man), 2 hitmen, doctor, mafia boss, 2d6 thugs, 1d6+1 familiy (operatives, ex-military)
Mr. (the Terror) Gessek (hit man)
STR 8 DEX A END 9 INT 9 EDU 8 SOC 9 Age 26 1.8m 80kg HP 27
Laser Rifle-2, Electronics-1, Jet Pack-1
Laser Rifle, Radio Communicator, Jet Pack
Asao (hit man)
STR 5 DEX 5 END 8 INT A EDU 9 SOC 8 Age 34 1.6m 62kg HP 18
Brawling-2, Sword-2, Cudgel (Bo Staff)-2, Air Craft-1
Mesh Armor, Sword +1, Bo Staff+1, Fine Robes, 4 ton VTOL Gunship, Cr. 470
Retired Marine Captain Mac
Service: Marine
Rank: Rank 2 Captain
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 103kg
Hair: Black Hair
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Right Handed
Hits: 32
Attributes: Strength: A Dexterity: A Endurance: C Intelligence: 6 Education: C Social Standing: 7
Skills: Vac Suit-1, Vehicle-2, Mechanical-1, Assault Rifle-1, Sword-3, Electronics-1, Revolver-3
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. +1 EDU
2. +1 Blade
3. TAS
4. 10,000
5. 30,000
6. 10,000
7. Low Psg
8. +1 EDU
Service Jacket:
Equipment: marine uniform w/cap, combat boots, gloves, bank card (balance:50,000), wallet w/ID and TAS card, back pack, revolver w/36 rounds in speed loaders, 7mm assault rifle with 10 clips, +1 Katana Sword
Retired 1st Officer, Dame Jazmine Rayne
Service: Navy/Merchant
Rank: E1/Rank 4 1st Officer
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 73kg
Hair: Auburn Hair, to mid back
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tan w/freckles
Left Handed
Hits: 24
Attributes: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 7 Endurance: 8 Intelligence: E Education: 8 Social Standing: B
Skills: Engineering-4, Pilot-4, Navigation-2, Medical-2
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. Low Psg
2. +1 INT
3. 10,000
4. +1 INT
5. +1 INT
6. Ship
7. 20,000
8. Ship
9. Low Psg
10. 20,000
Service Jacket:
1st Term Navy Engineering-2
2nd Term Merchant Commissioned and Promoted from 4th to 3rd officer, Pilot-2, Navigation-1, Engineering-1
3rd Term Promoted to 2nd Officer +1 DEX, Engineering-1
4th Term Promoted to 1st Officer w/Pilot-1, +1 END, Medical-1
5th Term Nav-1
6th Term Pilot-1
7th Term Medical-1
Equipment: merchant uniform, crew boots, bank card (balance:50,000), wallet w/ID, Ship's Papers and (2) Low Psg Tickets, aviator glasses, back pack

Merchant/Liner Galleon

A-2101111-000000-00000-0 MCr. 74.7            200 Tons
Bearing                                       Crew 5 (Pilot, Engineer, 2 Stewards (Purser/Bosun), Medic)
Batteries                                     TL 7
Cargo: 25 tons Passengers: 30 (10 high/20 middle) 35 Staterooms Fuel: 2 tons  EP: 2 Agility: 1
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.747   Cost in Quantity: MCr 59.76
2 tons for fire control, 2 hardpoints 
Chester "Charles" Cheez
Service: Marine
Rank: 3 Force Commander
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Fluid
Height: 2.13m
Weight: 114kg
Hair: Lavender (Bob Cut)
Eyes: Blue/Green
Skin: Tan
Right Handed
Hits: 33
Attributes: Strength: B Dexterity: B Endurance: B Intelligence: 9 Education: 9 Social Standing: 9
Skills: Cutlass-1, Gambling-1, Brawling-3, Revolver-1, Tactics-3, Blade Cmbt-2, Vehicle-1, Vac Suit-1
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. Traveller's Aid
2. 20,000
3. Low Psg
4. +1 EDU
5. 10,000
6. 20,000
7. Low Psg
8. Low Psg
9. Low Psg
Service Jacket:
1st Term Cutlass-1, Gambling-1, Brawling-1
2nd Term Blade Cmbt-1
3rd Term Commissioned Rank 1 Revolver-1, Brawling-1, Blade Cmbt-1
4th Term Promoted Rank 2 Brawling-1, Tactics-1
5th Term Tactics-1
6th Term Vehicle-1
7th Term Promoted Rank 3 Vac Suit-1, Tactics-1
Equipment: marine uniform, combat boots, bank card (balance:50,000), wallet w/ID, (4) Low Psg Tickets and TAS card, back pack, watch
Ralston Edge
Service: Rogue
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 84kg
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Tan
Left Handed
Hits: 27
Attributes: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 9 Intelligence: C Education: 8 Social Standing: 5
Skills: Streetwise-1, Demolitions-1, Computer-2, Brawling-2, Jack-O-T-3, Gun Cmbt-1, Bribery-1, Vehicle-1, Blade Cmbt-0
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. Low Psg
2. +1 Blade
3. 10,000
4. +1 SOC
5. TAS
6. Low Psg
7. +1 Gun
Service Jacket:
1st Term Streetwise-1, +1 STR, +1 INT
2nd Term Demo-1, Computer-1
3rd Term Brawling-1, Jack-O-T-1
4th Term Jack-O-T-1, Gun Cmbt-1
5th Term Bribery-1, Vehicle-1
6th Term Computer-1, +1 INT
7th Term Promoted Jack-O-T-1, Brawling-1
Equipment: Suit of Clothes, Boots, Bank Card (balance:10,000), wallet w/ID, (2) Low Psg Tickets and TAS card, fedora, back pack, +1 Blade, +1 Gun, can call on his personal gang w/2d6 thugs and 1d6+1 crime family members/operatives
Sir Dragor
Service: Noble
Rank: 1 Knight
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 68kg
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Skin: Tan
Right Handed
Hits: 19
Attributes: Strength: 5 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 8 Intelligence: 7 Education: 8 Social Standing: B
Skills: Admin-2, Jack-O-T-2, Bribery-1, Computer-2, Liaison-2
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. 100,000
2. +1 Cudgel
3. Yacht
4. High Psg
5. High Psg
6. High Psg
7. 100,000
8. 100,000
Service Jacket:
1st Term Admin-1, Jack-O-T-1, Bribery-1
2nd Term Jack-O-T-1
3rd Term Liaison-1
4th Term Liaison-1
5th Term Computer-1
6th Term Admin-1
7th Term Computer-1
Equipment: Heavy Protective Suit (5), Wrist Watch (2,000Cr.), 500km Long Range Communicator 1.5kg, Medical Kit 10kg, Lock Pick Set, Electronic Tool Kit 5kg, Disguise Kit 5kg, Wallet with ID, (3) High Psg Tickets, Ship's Papers, +1 Cudgel

Royal Yacht

Y-2401111-000000-00000-0  MCr. 52.26      200 Tons
Bearing                                   Crew 5 (Pilot, Medic, Steward, Bosun/Boat Pilot, Engineer)
Batteries                                 TL 7
Cargo: 65 ton main Passengers: 8 (14 Staterooms)   Fuel: 2 tons EP: 2 Agility: 1
Craft: 1 x 10T ATV, 1 x 4T VTOL Air Craft, 1 x 30T Ship's Boat
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.523   Cost in Quantity: MCr 41.808
1 ton for fire control and one hard point

Royal Boat

SB-0202211-000000-00000-0 MCr. 13.9   30 Tons
Bearing                               Crew 3 (Boat Pilot, Medic, Steward)
Batteries                             TL 7
Cargo: 1.1 tons Passengers: 1  (3 small staterooms) Fuel: 1 ton EP: 0.6 Agility: 2
Craft: 1 x 10T ATV
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.139   Cost in Quantity: MCr 11.12
1 ton for fire control and one hard point

Sir Julius Skywalker

Service: Guardian Knight Rank: 1 Knight Terms: 5 Age: 38 Gender: Male Height: 1.8m Weight: 82kg Hair: Dirty Golden Eyes: Sapphire Blue Skin: Dingy Peach Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 28 Load: Attributes: Strength: 7 Dexterity: B Endurance: A Intelligence: 7 Education: A Social Standing: B Skills: 10/17 Leader-1, Medical-1, Pilot-1, Lightsaber-2, Helicopter-1, Electronics-1, Tactics-1, Fwd Obs-1 Benefits: Retirement 4,000/month 1. +1 Saber 2. 20,000 3. +2 EDU 4. Ship 5. 50,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term +1 INT, Leader-1 2nd Term Medical-1, Pilot-1 3rd Term Lightsaber-1, Vehicle (Rotary Wing)-1 4th Term Electronics-1, Tactics-1 5th Term Fwd Obs-1, Lightsaber-1 Equipment: Robes, +1 Lightsaber (100), Medical Kit 10kg, Wallet w/ID, Bank Card (70,000), Ship's Papers

Guardian Knight Scout Cruiser
PS-11022R1-000000-10000-0 MCr. 47.1  100 tons
Bearing           2                  Crew 4 (pilot/captain, marine/damage control, 1 chief gunner/nav, 1 gunner's mate/damage control) 
Batteries         2                  TL 7
Cargo: 43 tons  Fuel: 2 tons EP: 2 Agility: 0   Marines: 1 (2) Pulse Lasers
Craft:, 1 x 4T VTOL Air Craft
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.471   Cost in Quantity: MCr 37.68

PSR 12 Awareness 9 Regeneration Telekinesis A 100kg

Bax Stark (Snow)

Service: Snubbed by pirates x2, G3, Omegazon, Other Rank: 2 Warrior Terms: 3 Age: 22 Gender: Female Height: 1.7m Weight: 64kg Hair: Silver Eyes: Green Skin: Tan Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 28 Load: Attributes: Strength: D Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 6 Intelligence: B Education: 9 Social Standing: 3 Skills: 12/20 Steward-1, Gunnery-1, Navigation-1, Rifle-1, Sword-1, Broad Sword-2, Tactics-1, Jack-O-T-2, Gambling-1, ATV-1 Benefits: 1. 3,000 2. High Psg 3. 10,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term G3 10-14 Steward-1, Gunnery-1, Gun Cmbt-1, Navigation-1 2nd Term Omegazon 14-18 Sword-1, Rank 2 Warrior, Blade Cmbt-1, Tactics-1, +2 STR, Jack-O-T-1, Blade Cmbt-1 3rd Term Other 18-22 Gambling-1, Jack-O-T-1, Vehicle-1, +1 END Equipment: Black Bikini, Red Jack Armor, Broad Sword, Box of Cookies, Rifle w/40 Rounds

Saphyra “Blades” Gandolfini
Service: Rogue
Rank: Crime Boss
Terms: 7
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 57kg
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Dusky Tan
Right Handed
Hits: 30
Attributes: Strength: B Dexterity: B Endurance: 8 Intelligence: B Education: A Social Standing: 7
Skills: 15/21 Streetwise-1, Jack-O-T-4, Liaison-3, Demo-3, Brawling-1, Cutlass-3
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. +1 Blade
2. Blade-3
3. TAS
4. +2 Blade
5. +1 Soc
6. 10,000
7. 10,000
Service Jacket:
1st Term Streetwise-1, Jack-O-T-1, Blade Cmbt-1
2nd Term Liaison-1, Demo-1
3rd Term Jack-O-T-1, Liaison-1
4th Term Demo-1, Liaison-1
5th Term Demo-1, Brawling-1
6th Term Blade Cmbt-1, Jack-O-T-1
7th Term Jack-O-T-1, +1 END
Equipment: Clothes, Shoes, Luggage, Bank Card (20,000), +2 Cutlass, can call on her personal gang w/2d6 thugs and 1d6+1 crime family members/operatives

Dame Mercy Rose

Service: Marine Rank: 3 Force Commander, Knight Terms: 4 Age: 34 Gender: Female Height: 1.65m Weight: 44kg Hair: Red Eyes: Green Skin: Pale, with Freckles Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 34 Load: Attributes: Strength: A Dexterity: C Endurance: C Intelligence: A Education: D Social Standing: B Skills: 9/23 Cutlass-2, Vehicle-1, Electronics-1, Tactics-1, Leader-1, Admin-1, Mechanics-1, Revolver-1 Benefits: 1. +2 INT 2. 2,000 3. Traveller’s 4. 10,000 5. 20,000 6. +1 EDU Service Jacket: 1st Term E2 Cutlass-1, +1 STR, Vehicle-1, +1 END 2nd Term O1, O2 Electronics-1, Tactics-1, Leader-1 3rd Term O3 Admin-1, Blade Cmbt-1 4th Term Mechanics-1 Equipment: Uniform, Duffle Bag, Boots, Bank Card (32,000), Sun Glasses

Marquis Draxx Mondarr

Service: Confederate Navy Rank: 05/4 Commander Terms: 5 Age: 38 Gender: Male Height: 1.9m Weight: 100kg Hair: Blond Eyes: Grey Skin: Pale Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 23 Load: Attributes: Strength: 7 Dexterity: A Endurance: 6 Intelligence: 9 Education: E Social Standing: D Skills: 23/23 Engineering-4, Forgery-2, Shotgun-2, Bribery-2, Streetwise-1, Interrogation-1, Fleet Tactics-2, Ship Tactics-1, Admin-2, Computer-1, Liaison-1, Leader-1, Vac Suit-1, Electronics-1, Mechanical-1 Benefits: Retirement 4,000/month 1. +1 INT 2. +1 INT 3. +2 EDU 4. Low Psg 5. Low Psg (sold) 6. Low Psg (sold) 7. 20,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term Engineering Branch, No Naval Academy, College, NOTC, +3 EDU, No Honors, O1 2nd Term Staff Patrol O2 Mechanical-1, Command Strike SEH, Strike PH, MCG, Shore Duty Engineering-1 3rd Term Staff Patrol O3, Command Special Duty Intelligence School Forgery-1, Gun Cmbt-1, Bribery-1, Streetwise-1, Interrogation-1, Command Strike, MCG, Engineering-1, Staff Siege PH, MCUF Electronics-1 4th Term Staff Patrol O4 Engineering-1, Staff Special Duty Staff College Fleet Tactics-1, Admin-1, Liaison-1, Computer-1, Staff Special Duty Naval Aide +1 SOC, Command at Command College Ship’s Tactics-1, Fleet Tactics-1, Leader-1, Admin-1 5th Term Command Patrol MCUF O5, Engineering-1, Command Siege PH (KIA), Staff Special Duty Intelligence School Forgery-1, Gun Cmbt-1, Bribery-1, Command Patrol Vac Suit-1 Equipment: Uniform, Duffle Bag, Boots, Bank Card (Balance: Cr18,560), Cloth Armor, Mechanical Tool Kit 20kg, Electronic Tool Kit 5kg, Shotgun 4.5kg, 3 Magazines, Letter of Patent/Enfeoffment

University of Uruk Medals: PHx3, MCUFx2, MCGx2, SHE, CCRx2, CRx5 Special Assignments: Intelligence Schoolx2, Command College, Naval Aid to Commodore Schmidlap

Garren Mondar

Service: Pirate/Army Rank: Terms: 2 Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 1.78m Weight: 91kg Hair: Red Eyes: Green Skin: Pale Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 30 Load: 9kg Attributes: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: C Intelligence: 6 Education: 8 Social Standing: 5 Skills: 6/14 Brawling-4, Rifle-2 Benefits: 1. 50,000 2. 2,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term Pirate Brawling-3, Gun Cmbt-1 2nd Term Army Rifle-1, END+1, Brawling-1 Equipment: Uniform, Wallet, Bank Card (Balance: 50,588), Sun Glasses, Boots, Duffle Bag, Cloth Armor, 7mm Rifle 4.5kg, Silencer 0.6kg, Telescopic Scope 0.8kg, 2 Magazines (20)(20) 1kg, LI Googles

Dr. Shawn

Service: Medical Rank: Doctor/Chief Surgeon Terms: 2 Age: 27 Gender: Male Height: 1.7m Weight: 73kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Skin: Pale Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 23 Load: Attributes: Strength: 7 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 7 Intelligence: 7 Education: A Social Standing: 6 Skills: 6/17 Medical-3, Computer-2, Admin-1 Benefits: 1. Instruments 10kg Medical Kit 2. Lab Ship 400 tons Service Jacket: 1st Term Doctor Medical-2, Admin-1 2nd Term Computer-1, Medical-1 3rd Term Scientist Computer-1 WIA missing left leg, prosthetic Equipment: Suit, Shoes, Attache Case w/ medical instruments, Ship's Papers, Sun Glasses, Towel

Tychus Findlay

Service: Marine Rank: 1 O1 Lieutenant Terms: 4 ¾ Age: 37 Gender: Male Height: 2.01m Weight: 127kg Hair: Bald/None Eyes: Gray/Blue Skin: Burned/Scarred/Pale Homeworld: Left Handed Hits: 31 Load: Attributes: Strength: A Dexterity: A Endurance: B Intelligence: H Education: C Social Standing: 4 Skills: 14/29 Brawling-1, Zero-G Cmbt-3, Computer-1, Electronics-1, Heavy Weapons-1, Leader-1, Cutlass-1, Revolver-5 Benefits: 1. +2 INT 2. +1 Cutlass 3. +2 INT 4. +2 INT 5. +2 INT Service Jacket: 1st Term Basic Trng Gun Cmbt-1, Int Sec E2 +1 STR, Shp Trps MCUF E3 Brawling-1, Pol Act MCUF E4 2nd Term Specialist School Computer-1, Command Trng E5 Zero G Cmbt-1, Command Garrison, Command Trng 3rd Term Command Ctr Ins MCG, E6 Gun Cmbt-1, Command Ctr Ins MCG, E7, Special Protected Forces Vac Suit-1, Zero G Cmbt-1, Command Garrison E8 4th Term Command Int’l Sec E9, Command Ctr Ins MCUF, Hvy Wpns-1, Command Shp Trps MCUF Gun Cmbt-1, Command Ctr Ins 5th Term Staff Ctr Ins MCUF, Gun Cmbt-1, Command Int’l Sec OCS O1 Leader-1, Electronics-1, Zero G Cmbt-1, Command Shp Trps WIA Rt Arm -1 STR, Cutlass-1, Revolver-1 Equipment: Uniform, Boots, +1 Cutlass, Wallet w/ID, Bank Card, Duffle Bag, Sun Glasses, Towel Medals: MCG, MCUFx5, PH, CSR 9, CCR 1 PSR 6 Teleport 5 Telekinesis 5 1kg Telepathy 5 Awareness 5

Dame Shandra Q

Service: Merchant Rank: 4 (1st Officer)/Knight Terms: 6 Age: 42 Gender: Female Height: 1.7m Weight: 59kg Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Skin: Tan/Olive Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 32 Load: Attributes: Strength: A Dexterity: C Endurance: A Intelligence: D Education: 9 Social Standing: B Skills: 10/22 Air Craft-1, Nav-1, Admin-1, Computer-1, Vac Suit-1, SMG-1, Pilot-2, Streetwise-1, Engineering-1 Benefits: 1. 20,000 2. 40,000 3. Low Psg 4. +1 INT 5. +1 INT 6. +1 INT 7. +1 INT 8. 20,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term 4th officer, Vehicle-1, Nav-1, Admin-1 2nd Term 3rd officer Computer-1, +1 STR 3rd Term Vac Suit-1 4th Term 2nd Officer +1 STR, Gun Cmbt-1 5th Term Pilot-1 6th Term 1st Officer Pilot-1, Streetwise-1, Engineering-1 Equipment: Uniform, Boots, Wallet w/ID, Duffle Bag, Bank Card (Balance: 80,000), Sunglasses, Cap

Count Rolf Von Bristol

Service: Army Rank: 5 Terms: 5 Colonel Age: 38 Gender: Male Height: 1.85m Weight: 89kg Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Skin: Fair Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 30 Load: Attributes: Strength: B Dexterity: 9 Endurance: A Intelligence: 9 Education: A Social Standing: E Skills: 13/19 Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-7, Leader-2, Gambling-2, Gun Cmbt-1 Benefits: 1. +2 EDU 2. Gun 3. +1 SOC 4. 2,000 5. 10,000 6. 20,000 7. Low Psg 8. +1 SOC Service Jacket: 1st Term Army E2 Rifle-1, Tactics-1, Leader-2 2nd Term O1 Lieutenant, O2 Captain SMG-1, Tactics-3 3rd Term O3 Major Gambling-1, Tactics-1 4th Term O4 Lt. Colonel Tactics-1, Gun Cmbt-1 5th Term O5 Colonel Tactics-1, Gambling-1 Equipment: Suit, Shoes, Wallet w/ID, Bank Card (32,000), Attache Case, Sun Glasses, Towel, Letter of Patent/Enfeoffment

Baron James Striker

Service: Marine Rank: 6 Brigadier General Terms: 7 Age: 46 Gender: Male Height: 1.88m Weight: 95kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Skin: Tan Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 24 Load: Attributes: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 6 Endurance: 9 Intelligence: 9 Education: 9 Social Standing: C Skills: 12/18 Leadership-2, Cutlass-1, Gun Cmbt-1, Tactics-1, Revolver-1, Vac Suit-1, Vehicle-2, Computer-1, Admin-1, Medical-1 Benefits: 8,000 Cr/month 1. Blade 2. Low Psg 3. Low Psg 4. +2 SOC 5. Traveller’s 6. Blade 7. +1 EDU 8. +2 INT 9. 10,000 10. 30,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term Cutlass-1, Revolver-1, Vehicle-1, Admin-1, Medical-1 O2 Served 4 years, kicked out, then drafted 2nd Term +1 END 3rd Term Computer-1 4th Term O3 Force Commander Vehicle-1, Tactics-1 5th Term O4 Lieutenant Colonel +1 STR, Vac Suit-1 6th Term O5 Colonel Leader-1, Gun Cmbt-1 7th Term O6 Brigadier General +1 DEX, Leader-1 Equipment: Uniform, Duffle Bag, Wallet w/ID, Bank Card (30,000), Boots, Sun Glasses, Towel, +2 Cutlass, Letter of Patent/Enfeoffment

“Baron” Big Louie

Service: Diplomat/Elite Other Rank: 2 2nd Secretary Terms: 7 Age: 46 Gender: Male Height: 1.52m Weight: 90kg Hair: Black, Moustache/Goatee Eyes: Black Skin: Olive/Swarthy Homeworld: Left Handed Hits: 24 Load: Attributes: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 6 Intelligence: C Education: B Social Standing: C Skills: 14/23 Forgery-2, Jack-O-T-2, Electronics-2, Gambling-3, Blade Cmbt-2, Recruiting-1, Computer-1, Streetwise-1 Benefits: 6,000 Cr/month 1. 70,000 2. +1 INT 3. 100,000 4. 100,000 5. +1 INT 6. +1 EDU 7. High Psg 8. High Psg Service Jacket: 1st Term Diplomat Liaison-1, 3rd Secretary, 2nd Secretary Recruiting-1, Computer-1, Blade Cmbt-1, +1 INT booted after 4 years, drafted into Other 2nd Term Other Forgery-1, Jack-O-T-1 3rd Term Electronics-1, Gambling-1 4th Term Forgery-1, Electronics-1 5th Term Jack-O-T-1, Streetwise-1 6th Term Gambling-1, Blade Cmbt-1 7th Term +1 DEX, Gambling-1 Equipment: Wallet w/ID, Bank Card (Balance: Cr 270,000), (2) High Psg, Black Leather Jacket, Black Silk Shirt, Black Jeans, Black Combat Boots, Stud Earring (one ear, Deck of Cards, Set of Dice, Walking Stick w/Brass Wolf’s Head Top, Letter of Patent/Enfeoffment

Squire Ash(ton) Lunette

Service: Elite Scout Rank: Terms: 3 Age: 30 Gender: Male Height: 1.73m Weight: 73kg Hair: Black Eyes: Grey/Silver Skin: Pale Homeworld: Right Handed Hits: 26 Load: Attributes: Strength: 8 Dexterity: 9 Endurance: 9 Intelligence: 9 Education: 8 Social Standing: A Skills: 6/17 Pilot-2, Nav-2, Vehicle-1, Mechanical-1 Benefits: 1. 20,000 2. +2 INT 3. 30,000 Service Jacket: 1st Term Scout Pilot-1, Nav-1, Vehicle-1 2nd Term +1 STR, Nav-1 3rd Term Mechanical -1, Pilot-1 Equipment: Back Pack, Belt, Boots, Uniform (Black Jump Suit/Liner), Gloves, Bank Card (Balance: Cr. 50,000)

Princess Zora

Service(s): Nomad, Hunter, Noble Rank: 2nd Warrior, 3rd Marquis Terms: 5 Age: 38 Gender: Female Height: 1.52 m Weight: 45 kg Hair: Auburn Eyes: Amber Skin: Pale Homeworld: Zora Right Handed Hits: 27 Load: 11kg Attributes: Strength 9, Dexterity 8, Endurance A, Intelligence B, Education A, Social Standing D

Skills: Jack-O-T-2, Survival-1-1, Medical-1, Bow Cmbt-1, Sword-1, Blade Cmbt-1, Hunting-1, Leader-1, Computer-1, Ship’s Boat-1, Engineering-1, Navigation-1, Bribery-1, Pilot-1 Benefits: 1. 4,000 2. 10,000 3. 50,000 4. High Passages (3) 5. Low Passage 6. +1 Gun

Possessions: 3 High Passage Tickets, 1 Low Passage Ticket, photo ID, royal papers, signet necklace, Cotton Underwear, Floral skirt w/camo, rubber sandals, boxers, fur cape, shear designer tunic, sports bra, nylon wallet, Bank Card #AMC (Balance 64,000 Cr), 4 pair cotton socks, green canvas back pack, 1kg sword (right hip), medical kit 10kg, Letter of Patent/Enfeoffment, +1 gun
The 1st Voyage of Sinbad the Pirate

Situation: Mustered Out, Confederate Capital City Uruk, B867676-7 Disc, =directional nav aids (repeated radio beacon/direction finders)/integrated sensors (telescopic IR/radio/visual/spectroscopes, radar) and communication (radio) Banks, player accounts, retirement pay access (1st of the month), loans (ship mortgage due by the end of the month) , Omni Vault (OFF), Mega Union (Kingdom), SSL =Solar Savings and Loan (USA), Pan Galactic Trust (GRU) Personnel recruit/train Hospital/Medical Sick Bay Royal Armory Weapons Shop/Armor Shop Cargo/Brokers, buy and sell Jail Vehicle Rental, ATV, grav vehicle, hydro foil TAS Hotel Library Casino Bar/Club/Tavern Shipyard refuel, repair, buy/sell weapons, buy supplies, maintenance account

1.The concourse - passenger services. Ticketing, baggage check, and boarding.
2.Passenger Accommodations - TAS Hotel, Restaurants****
3.Souvenir shops, Theaters and Entertainment centers****
4.Data Terminals/Public Employment Listings/Job Board****
5.Message Center - Email, Xboat, old telephone****
8.The Freight Exchange - where the brokers lurk with their speculative cargo.
9.The Hiring hall - Crew needing work..
10.The Lone Star - I think people hang out here...
11.TAS - Travellers' Aid Society**
12.And BANKs****

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