Moot Spire

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The Moot Spire is a megascraper, a sort of megastructure and a high-technology version of the venerable skyscraper.


The Moot Spire is a marvel of architecture and technology.

Despite being a megastructure the Moot Spire is not an arcology.

  • Arcologies differ in that they often intended to house self-sufficient communities containing residential, industrial, agricultural, and commercial structures all in one megastructure, providing all conceptually desirable services to its inhabitants to include public transport, sanitation, medical, vocational, educational, and all other conceptual needs.

(Description) Lower Moot[edit]

The Moot holds its sessions in the Moot Spire, which, at 1.75 kilometers high, is the tallest building on Capital.

  • By tradition, the Spire is the only building allowed to tower above the old Imperial Palace, which is 4.25 kilometers away.

(Description) High Moot[edit]

At the top of the Moot Spire is the High Moot, where select committees hold the most private deliberations.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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