Leset class Grav APC

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Protectorate Grav APC
Tech Level TL–12
Mass 6 tons
Cost Cr3,910,319
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed maximum 2,280kph
cruise 1,710kph
NOE 160kph
Cargo 0
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner, Commander
Passengers 12
Armament (Turret) 10cm MRLS
VRF Gauss Gun
10x TAC missiles

Built on Leset (world) for the Protectorate of Leset. These TL–12 Grav APCs are designed to deliver a squad of infantry to the FEBA. The VRF Gauss gun is used to suppress enemy infantry, the MRLS is used for indirect fire support missions and the 10 TAC missile launch rails are intended to help engage and destroy light enemy vehicles. The super dense armor provides good protection while deployed in the infantry support mission. They do not carry any energy weapons and as a result, they are very fast. This trait is highly valued by the Protectorate forces when a rapid exfiltration is required during retrograde operations.

Protectorate Grav APC, TL 12[edit]

The vehicle has a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander) and can carry a fully equipped squad of 12 troopers. It is considered a large, roomy vehicle by the standards along the Distant Fringe. It mounts a VRF Gauss gun in a fully stabilized rotating turret on the chassis deck. The sensors and communications are considered good with an eye toward the indirect fire mission. The TAC missiles allow it to engage light and fast vehicles at some distance, if provided with targets.

Chassis and Turret:[edit]

Height: 2m (+1 m turret); Width: 4m; Length: 10m.
Total usable volume: 84m³
Total mass loaded: 180 metric tons
Armor: Chassis and turret front: 57; turret and chassis sides, turret and chassis rear, belly and deck: 40.
Target Size DMs: +3 low, +0 high
Production Cost: Cr3,910,319


Onboard gravitic generators produce a maximum of 2.22 G's thrust coupled with a TL 12 flight avionics suite.

Speed: Maximum, 2,280kph / 1,900cm; Cruise, 1,710kph / 1,425cm, NOE 160kph/133cm.
Movement effect on fire: None


Full weapons stabilization. Can not conduct indirect fire missions while moving.

Dorsal Turret[edit]

Primary Weapons The dorsal turret mounts a VRF Gauss Gun with the following direct fire characteristics:

Direct Fire Characteristics: VRF Gauss Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
1.5 km (21)+8 3 km (19)+6 4.5 km (17)+3

The main VRF Gauss Gun has storage for 60,000 rounds, enough to allow 46 fire phases of sustained fire. It can engage 16 targets in 15 seconds and has a +4 signature.

Turret Mount

Indirect Fire Characteristics: Eight tube 10cm MRLS, fitted with an auto-loader, and TL 12 indirect fire control. It has its own crude fire direction center and does not require communication with higher echelons in order to carry out up to two discrete fire missions. It takes 4.75 turns to set up and has a +2 signature when it fires. It has a +3 to hit DM up to 14km with long range rockets and is -1 to hit up to 28km range. There is storage capacity for 160 of the 30kg rockets within the chassis. They are fitted with HE 22/3/4 warheads and available in 8.75km/Cr.120 short range rockets; 17km/Cr.240 medium range; and 28km/Cr.360 long range rockets. A full load of the long range rockets are included in the purchase price. Plans for alternative warhead types are rumored.

TAC Missile Systems

The Grav APC has ten 39.3485kg capacity launch rails on the sides of the turret. The missiles are available in 42km long range and 32km +10DM hyper velocity interceptor variants. The homing and target designated missiles use a 17cm HEAP 50 warhead or HE 29/4/5.

Direct Fire Characteristics:
Type Range Price
Homing 42km or 32km +10DM HEAP Cr358.3485 or HE Cr350.3485
Target Designated 42km or 32km +10DM HEAP Cr258.3485 or HE Cr250.3485

The launch system is not fitted with reloads. One crew member is required to manually reload the rails externally. (10) HEAP 50 hyper velocity homing missiles are included in the price.

Power / Equipment[edit]

Power: 40 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 60 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 6,953.4 liters, enough for 4.8 days.
  • Sealed environment with extended life support for 15 (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • TL 7 Fire direction center (can handle two targets for fire missions);
  • 30 Power counter battery RADAR;
  • Medical kit;
  • Map box;
  • Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations;
  • 5,000km range radio, 1000km range maser communication system;
  • Basic ECM;
  • Radio direction finder;
  • 100 bottles of prismatic aerosol.


Vehicle: 5

Weapons: 32

Electronics: 84

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