Fringian Open Air/Raft

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Open Air/Raft
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 3 Tons
Cost Cr600,000
Mode Flight (Hybrid Grav)
Type Air/Raft
Speed 240 kph
Cargo 10m³
Crew 1
Passengers 5 (+3)
Armament none

The Open Air/Raft is a type of Hybrid Grav Vehicle.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Open Air/Raft is a relatively small hybrid grav vehicle primarily designed for the civilian market.

Hull / Suspension[edit]

A boxy streamlined hull constructed from crystaliron and lightweight composite materials. The vehicle has lateral stub wings that provide lift and assist with aerodynamic maneuvers.

  • Length: 5.5m, Width: 3.6m, Height: 2.1m.
  • Overall Volume: approximately 41.6m³ (3 dTons).
  • Unloaded Weight: 5,400 kg.

The overall volume measures the vehicles maximum dimensions. The enclosed volume of the hull is lower.

The vehicle has Lifters located within the lower hull.

  • Maximum Grav Altitude: up to 50m.
  • Maximum Flight Altitude: up to 0.4 planetary diameters.

Power / Transmission[edit]

Closed fuel cells. The fuel supply is contained within protected tanks. The fuel cells power small, powerful ducted fans that provide additional thrust.


  • Gravitic motion: up to 90 kph.
  • Cruise Speed: 180 kph, Top Speed: 240 kph. NOP Speed: 50 kph.
  • Duration: 22 days at maximum output.


The vehicle has a centrally located open compartment fitted with clear windows and containing three front seats and three rear seats – an additional three passengers can be accommodated though such arrangements are cramped. The seats are fitted with safety belt. The vehicle is fitted with basic life support, allowing occupants in vacc suits to plug into the onboard systems. The driver's position is equipped with advanced mechanical controls. An onboard computer system manages the vehicle and a console / heads-up display provides data such as velocity and component status.

The rear section of the compartment is given over to an open topped cargo hold, fitted with a rear drop door to facilitate loading.

  • Cargo Storage: approximately 10m³ (0.7 dTons).
  • Maximum load: 2,600 kg (including passengers) before performance is impaired.


Headlights and running lights. A small (typically 200 km range) communications and navigation system. The vehicle is fitted with a civilian-grade radar system with an effective range of 150 km, proximity sensors, and a variety of driver aids.

History / Background[edit]

A general purpose grav vehicle available in a variety of body styles and colors.

See also: Flying Craft of the Distant Fringe

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