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Feudalism is a type of government.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

With such great distances separating stellar systems, individual responsibility and authority become of great importance. The Imperium is divided into sectors (twenty of them), each about 32 parsecs by 40 parsecs in size. Each sector is divided into sixteen subsectors (8 by 10 parsecs). And within each Subsector are perhaps thirty or forty systems, each with a star, worlds and satellites.

Individual worlds, and even entire systems, are free to govern themselves as they desire, provided power is always accorded to the Imperium. Interstellar government begins at the Subsector level – one world designated the subsector capital. The ruling figure at the subsector capital is a high-ranking noble selected by higher levels of government. This Duke has a free hand in government, and is subject only to board guidelines from his superiors. But at the same time, the duke owes fealty to the higher levels of government, ultimately to the Emperor himself. The feudal approach depends greatly on a sense of honor, one cultivated by the hereditary aristocracy. This sense of honor is very strong within the Imperium; it has proven essential to the survival of such a far-flung community.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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