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The extended system profile is based on the Universal World Profile.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

While the UWP just shows the main world, the extended profile shows each world, moon, belt with the UWP for that body, and stellar information. Orbital information is also displayed, but not the current location in the orbit, as that is highly time specific and best left to navigational software.

The following is an example extended system profile for the Regina system:

Regina System Profile
Orbit Name UWP Remarks
Primary Lusor F7 V DM companion "Speck"
0 Clement Y100000-0
1 Ausun Y300169-9
2 Burgund Small GG
3 Cent Y400367-9
7 Thermidor Y560000-0
3 Olybnus F75022A-9
25 Alise Y20016C-9
4 Assiniboia Large GG
3 Redes F595269-9 Farming
6 Printemps F20036C-A N
7 Brumaire F564669-9 Farming Colony
30 Harcourt H43556C-A M Research Lab Military Base Colony.
55 Regina A788899-C A Rich Subsector Capital.
Companion Darida M6 V
0 Augur YS00000-0
1 Kirunda Y210000-0
8 Irkirka YS00000-0
11 Arkurer HS00137-9
13 Irgurkar Y10046A-A
2 Elazair Small GG
3 Lashir YS00000-0
8 Diuur lmar G200269-9
9 Shamardae Y500000-0
20 Arapan Y200000-0
50 Edaku Y210000-0
125 Gagamshir F534328-A M Military Base.

This shows that the Regina System (Actually the Lusor System), is a Trinary stellar system, with primary (Lusor) and a Dwarf companion, and Darida a M6 Companion at an undisclosed distance. Around Lusor are 5 planets, Clement and Ausun (small airless planets), Olybrius (medium planet), and Burgund and Assiniboia a small and large gas giant. Burgund has two moons, Olybnus one, and Assiniboia, five, including the main world Regina. Some of the other worlds and moons in the system are inhabited, as well as some around the other star.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

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