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This is an errata page for the Classic Traveller The Kinunir LBB book.

  • This is a specific Errata page.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The following Errata has been copied from the various Errata's that have been compiled over the years.

  • Page 10, Battle Cruisers (clarification and omission): The full design of the Kinunir class does not actually appear in the book. See the High Guard errata above for the full design, along with the details for the carried pinnace.
  • Page 12, Regina Subsector data (correction): Forboldn (0208) should have a starport code of “D” and a TL code of “5”. Regina (0310) should have TL code of “C”. Roup (0407) should have a TL code of “7”. Yori (0510) should have a TL code of “A”. Kinorb (0602) should have a TL code of “8”.
  • Page 31, The Kinunir, first paragraph (correction): The standard crew of the Kinunir is 79; the Marine contingent on the Kinunir should be 34, not 35. The Shore Liaison Lieutenant mentioned on page 32 is noted on page 31 as being in excess to normal requirements.
  • Page 34, Marines, first paragraph, last sentence (correction): The Marine contingent on the Kinunir should include 20 enlisted, for a total of 34 marines.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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