Enlightened 2T class Air Raft

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Air Raft
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 2 dton
Cost Cr3,019,334.3
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Air/Raft
Speed maximum 1,009.8kph
cruise 757.3kph
NOE 150kph
Cargo 0
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner and Commander
Passengers 0
Armament Single Lens Pulse Laser
3x TAC missile rails

Designed and manufactured at TL–11, these vehicles were license built for the Enlightened at Blass (world), along the Distant Fringe. The vehicle has a crew of three: driver, gunner and commander. They can be carried aboard Malcolm Class Corvettes. These probably date from models used during the Scybrian Wars.

Enlightened 2T class Air Raft, TL 11[edit]

The vehicle's crystaliron armor sheaths the chassis to levels of protection equivalent to starship hull metal. Equipped and configured to be hard to hit, not hard to hurt, this design is sealed with life support for the crew in vacuum and protected forces roles. A stock power plant is installed to save mass and cost, the grav modules do not need to compete for power. A fully stabilized, and very powerful pulse laser is fitted in the front of the chassis and the vehicle must maneuver to acquire targets. The TAC missiles appear as an expensive afterthought and their range is limited. Prismatic smoke is the bane of the main weapon, but the limited missile supply is tailored to circumvent the traditional counter measures, only point defense fire control or staying out of range can protect you, should your armor be lacking. On a clear day the Air/Raft can defeat the armor of several models of Grav Tank in common use. These light close support gunships are often called upon to escort personnel transport grav vehicles which tend to be thinner skinned in Enlightened troop formations. The vehicle is not equipped to effectively deal with infantry.


Height: 2m; Width: 2.8m; Length: 5m.
Total usable volume: 28m³
Total mass loaded: 112 metric tons
Hull Material: Crystaliron
Armor: Chassis all faces: 40.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, no high hits
Production Cost: Cr3,019,334.3


The Air Raft has 0.8898214 maneuver Gs. NOP flight is limited by available TL–11 avionics, and not the 211.66 tons of thrust.

Maximum, 1,009.8kph / 841.5cm; Cruise, 757.3kph / 631cm, NOP 150kph/125cm.
Movement effect on fire: None


Full weapons stabilization.

Front Chassis Mounted Pulse Laser[edit]

There is a single lens pulse with 18.834 MW input/output. It can engage a single target and has +5 signature when it fires. It has TL–11 direct fire control and a capacitor/battery array.

Direct Fire Characteristics: Pulse Laser
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
3.5km (62) 4.5km (62) 8.0km (62)

TAC Missiles[edit]

There are three 39.563kg capacity launch rails on the chassis deck firing forward. They use a 21cm HEAP 54 warhead. It takes a single crew member to manually reload these missiles externally if additional rounds are available. There is one expensive teleguided missile with a fiber optic cable serving as the command link. It can engage vehicles executing pop-ups and fired from a pop-up. There are two operator guided missiles with the same "wire" command link. These three weapons are included in the price. Unfettered by smoke which defeat target designation, and ignoring ECM which breaks homing missiles' target lock; they are none the less handicapped by short range.

Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Teleguided HEAP 54 3.9km Cr1,671.6
Operator Guided +3 DM to hit HEAP 54 7.9km Cr172.6

Power / Equipment:[edit]

Power: a stock 40 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 60 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 168.1314 liters, enough for 2.8 hours.
  • Sealed environment with extended life support for 3 crew (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • laser sensor 5+ with 100 bottles of prismatic aerosols
  • extensive ECM
  • map box
  • medical kit
  • thermal and image enhancement
  • 1,000 power MASER communicator
  • 5,000 power radio
  • 10 power target acquisition LADAR


Vehicle 5

Electronics 25

Weapons 14

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