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Generic Blade
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Generic Blade
Group: Melee Weapon
Tech Level 3
Size 300.0 mm length
Weight 350.0 grams
Cost Cr50
Ammo None
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Manufacturer Various
Generic Blade

A Blade (350 grams; Cr50; TL-3) is a hybrid knife weapon.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

It has a heavy, flat two-edged blade nearly 300mm in length, and a semi-basket handguard. Because of the bulk of the hand guard, it is generally carried in a belt scabbard. [1]

A blade can be a variety of smaller, edged weapons including the ubiquitous kitchen knife. [2]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 300mm. Weight: 350.0 grams. Base Price: Cr50.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The earliest knives tend to fashioned from animal horns or bones should a world possess both a sophont and sophisticated animal life or equivalent creatures. Other sophonts construct knives from volcanic substances including obsidian. During the TL:1-3 epoch, sophonts generally transition from organic materials to various kinds of shaped and smelted metals. [3]

Weapon Manufacture[edit]

The TL-3 blade represented in this AAB article is a relatively sophisticated knife forged by a blacksmith in a smithy of hard iron and perhaps even sophisticated alloys such as hardened steel. The TL-3 blade is not yet a factory manufactured item in the industrial sense. It is still hand forged. [4]

Selected Blade Types[edit]

  1. TL-3 Blade
  2. TL-4 Kitchen Knife
  3. TL-7 Survival Knife

References & contributors (Sources)[edit]

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