Detonating cord

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Detonating cord
Type Explosive
Tech Level TL–6
Cost Cr100
Size 0.5 liters
Weight 0.5 kg
per 10 meters

Detonating cord (also called detonation cord, detacord, det. cord, detcord, primer cord, Primercord, or sun cord) is a thin, flexible plastic tube filled with explosive. Any common length of detonation cord appears to explode instantaneously. It is a high-speed fuse which explodes, rather than burns, and is suitable for detonating high explosives. While it looks like nylon cord, the core is a compressed powdered explosive and it is initiated by the use of a blasting cap. Detonating cord can be used as a precision cutting charge to remove cables, pipes, wiring, fiber optics, and other utility bundles by placing one or more complete wraps around the target.

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