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A Dice Modifier (...often abbreviated to DM) is a number to be applied to a die throw before it is used.

  • DMs are preceded by a sign that indicates whether the number is to be added to or subtracted from the dice throw.
  • Thus +4 would be added to the dice throw while -2 would be subtracted.
  • Flux is a related concept.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Dice Throw Conventions: In the course of a Traveller game session, dice must be thrown to determine an random or unpredictable course of action. These dice throws may be made by players for their characters, or by the Referee for the effects of nature, non-player characters, or unseen forces. Throws by the Referee may be kept secret, or partially concealed, depending on the effect. In situations where the players would not actually know the results of the throw, or would not know the exact throw made, the Referee would make the throw in secret.

Generally, a dice throw involves 2D; exceptions requiring 1D or 3D or more are usually clearly stated.


That dice throw required to achieve a stated effect. If only a number is stated, it must be thrown exactly. A number followed by a plus sign (such as 8+) indicates that the number or greater must be thrown. Similarly, a number followed by a minus sign (such as 6-) indicates that that number or less must be thrown. Throws can be identified because the sign follows the number.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Traveller Editions using DM's:

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