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Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr500
Size 0.4 liter
Weight 0.4 kg

The commcomp is the ultimate combination of a portable communicator and Hand Computer that interfaces directly with any wireless communications system and wireless computer network. This small and lightweight device can operate independently as a Handcomp, as a video Communicator, or as a programmable communications node in a networked system. With the audio processing algorithm installed, the Commcomp can accept voice programming and can be used to operate any device on the network as long as the proper codes are used.

Commcomps have internal Fuel Cells and usually have internal hydrogen and oxygen supplies so that they can operate in a vacuum or other environment. The Commcomp will preferentially draw from any external power source, and with the proper adapter and a source of water (distilled liquid water or even humid air for specialized adapters) they can recharge the internal hydrogen and oxygen supplies. Without recharging a TL–11 Commcomp will run for about a week, and more sophisticated units can be made to run longer or have greater communications range or computational capacity.

The next logical step was to make the commcomp a sealed unit that would be able to survive almost anywhere that powered combat armor would survive. They created a solid matrix of silicon nitride that contained an antenna for the multichannel communications unit and also acted as an inductive charge coupling element for the power system. The encapsulated active components were shielded to prevent any unwanted electromagnetic noise, and the communications unit could be turned off to prevent any electromagnetic emissions. The front was a single crystal silicon oxide transparent surface with embedded visual sensors and display and could be activated when it sensed certain visual inputs. It had an internal battery that was charged from the antenna and they were also able to supply the inductive charger but noted that most electromagnetic frequencies would charge the batteries when the communication unit was turned off.

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