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Duels are a means of settling disputes by force of arms. Code Duello are a formal rule set for such engagements.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

In most places where dueling is permitted or tolerated, the practice has restrictions and procedures. These restrictions are compiled into a Code Duello, or code of dueling, often promulgated by a formal regulatory body.

The purpose of a Code Duello is to minimize death and physical injury. Many codes encourage all parties to settle the matter without recourse to violence, and most discourage duels to the death. Some codes encourage duels to be fought with fists; most with melee weapons such as swords. Few codes allow duels with missile weapons, and most of those that do limit them to fairly low-powered slug throwers used at ranges where the odds of death are remote.

Dueling is forbidden by the Imperial Code of Military Justice, but this applies only to serving members of the Imperial military.

Dueling is not against Imperial Law in and of itself, although it can be treated as a criminal offense in a number of ways if the relevant officials wish to – duelists can be charged with assault, attempted murder, and so on. In practice, duels are ignored by Imperial law enforcement, provided no one is killed or seriously injured.

Local Laws vary considerably on the subject. Many governments frown upon (or ban) duelling not least of which is because it requires using weapons forbidden at their higher Law Levels.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The custom of dueling grew out of the practice of trial by combat (the judicial duel) on old Terra (Solomani Rim 1827), and similar traditions on other worlds. The practice is not limited to the nobility, but they are the most common practitioners.

The Imperial family has discouraged duelling for many years. Both Emperor Paulo III and his son, Emperor Strephon, have opposed the custom.

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