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I have thought about the possibility of adding sector/ Subsector listings to a Wiki of some sort, but I keep getting back to the problem of the amount of data and how best to list it. Given all the different milieus of the history of Traveller and the vast difference in game systems (GURPS, CT, MT, T20, etc.) it would be difficult at best.

One of my thoughts ran to just listing the sector hex location, system name, and the physical portions of the UWP that would tend to stay stable throughout time (unless Grandfather comes back and moves or destroys the planet that is).

Using the WBS format I have seem all over the web it would look similar to

WBS File Format (V1.1.0)

Hex Location = 00 - 03

World Name = 06 - 19

UWP Code = 22 - 30

Trade Code = 33 - 43

PBG Code = 47 - 49

Base Code = 52

Allegiance Code = 55 - 56

Satellite Code = 59

Stellar Details = 62 - 81

0101 Zeycude C330###-# #13 M9 V

0102 Reno C120###-# #03 G8 V M1 D

0103 Errere B263###-# #10 M1 V M4 D

0104 Cantrel C366###-# #20 F1 III

0108 Gyomar D8B2###-# #24 A8 IV

Problems with columnar spacing would have to be resolved as well.

any thoughts or suggestions? Sstefan

Some thoughts[edit]

The World Builder Sector (WBS) format is derived from the UWP format described in the Imperial Encyclopedia, and used by most Traveller programs: Galactic, World Builder Deluxe, Heaven & Earth, Universe, and others.

You can do fixed formatted text data by using "< pre >" tags (or wiki format it by putting a space as the first character of the line). The alternative is to create a table (either using the table HTML tags or the wiki tables) to hold the data.

0101  Zeycude         C330###-#                #13            M9 V       

0102  Reno            C120###-#                #03            G8 V   M1 D     
0103  Errere          B263###-#                #10            M1 V   M4 D        
0104  Cantrel         C366###-#                #20            F1 III      
0108  Gyomar          D8B2###-#                #24            A8 IV       

My concern about this is a wiki is a terrible place to hold large quantities of this kind of data. Terrible in the sense that tke wiki organization isn't suited to holding this data in a way that is easy to use it. The best way to use this kind of data is on a map, see or, where you can see the data then examine the details if needed. The people who want all the data either want it at the bottom of a map or in a computer readable format, which the wiki isn't convinent that way.

There is an Template:InfoboxSubsector which will not actually fit on the page with any reasonable number of stars.

So, while I agree the Sector data is part of the Traveller canon, and library, it isn't well suited to being dumped whole into the Wiki. I am, howerever, open to being shown differently.

Tjoneslo 14:48, 27 June 2006 (UTC)


I also mentioned that the UWP should not be used, mainly so that we don't invalidate a lot of the Sector supplements, we should not publish all the information, and having to choose, I think that the planetary descriptions/background are more in line for the library. As well selecting a mileu for the data is too difficult, and other places so it better. Dcorrin 18:08, 27 June 2006 (UTC)