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Coffin Pod
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 0.5 dtons
Cost Cr 47,425
Mode Flyer(Grav)
Type Passenger Vehicle
Speed 0
Cargo 0 dtons
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Manufacturer Various
Created using New Traveller: Vehicle Handbook with hull at Cr2600/Space


The Coffin Pod is a type of drop-pod or re-entry capsule that is intended to accurately (+/-1m) land a person (or equivalent cargo up to 200kg) from orbit.

The pod should not be exceeding 4000kph in any direction relative to the planet's surface when released. It will then use it's internal navigation systems and auto-pilot to guide the craft to the target using a "one-time" auxiliary grav-drive (if the pod is recovered it can be used again after servicing and recharging). It also uses air-braking, should air be available, to aid in dodging and slowing. The craft will float for up to 10 minutes should it land in water.

Emergency Flight controls are joy-stick based. The craft includes only Basic Control Systems making it manoeuvrable - less so if the atmosphere is very thin or absent. The only seat is provided with 4-point seat-belts to prevent the passenger from damage in flight.

It has Radio Communications, Sensors (to avoid mid-air collision and detect the ground), Autopilot and Improved Navigation Systems.

The pod contains a full suite of decoy systems making targeting/tracking the pod itself difficult amongst the various clutter it emits.


These "throwaway" vehicles are used by various forces as a means of deploying jump-troops from orbit. This is the cheap end of the spectrum of such examples and may be dropped with pods that provide electronic countermeasures, etc. and freefall or guided bombs to clear the immediate landing area.

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