85th Field Army

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The 85th Field Army is an Imperial Army formation. It is currently deployed in the Regina Subsector in the Spinward Marches.

During the Fifth Frontier War, the 85th Army was operational on Heya where it secured the planet's surface from Vargr forces that were allied to the Zhodani.


Current order of battle (01-1116):

85th Infantry Field Army

337th Mechanized Infantry Division
1137th Mechanized Infantry Regiment
2137th Mechanized Infantry Regiment
185th Armored Brigade
328th Artillery Brigade
338th Mechanized Infantry Division
1138th Mechanized Infantry Regiment
2138th Mechanized Infantry Regiment
285th Armored Brigade
329th Artillery Brigade
339th Light Infantry Division
1139th Light Infantry Regiment
2139th Light Infantry Regiment
3139th Light Infantry Regiment
330th Artillery Brigade
340th COACC Division
1140th COACC Wing
2140th COACC Wing
3140th COACC Wing
85th Engineer Brigade
85th Reconnaissance Brigade
85th Logistics Brigade
160th Imperial Navy TransRon (OPCON)
multiple Keith-class Troop Transport
multiple Ftenrik-class Fleet Transport
310th Imperial Navy TransRon (OPCON)
multiple Lethe-class Troop Transport
multiple Purtin-class Transport