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Date: -2,109 Imperial
Solomani: 2,411 A.D.
Vilani: 1,476 VI
Zhodani: 2,043.1
Aslan: -36
K'kree: 5,030
Hiver: -5,039
Previous and Following Years
-2200s -2120s
-2119 -2118 -2117 -2116 -2115 -2114 -2113 -2112 -2111 -2110
-2108 -2107 -2106 -2105 -2104 -2103 -2102 -2101 -2100 -2099
-2110s -2100s
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  • During the last years of Michael Kieran O'Connor's rule the Vargr began stepping up raiding activities from their bases coreward of the Rule of Man. These raids culminated in the Battle of Muurim in -2109, when Admiral Severin Estigarribia (later Hiroshi III) struck at and destroyed Vargr fleets massing outside the frontier.


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