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Date: -1,843 Imperial
Solomani: 2,677 A.D.
Vilani: 1,678 VI
Zhodani: 2,161.1
Aslan: 422
K'kree: 5,252
Hiver: -4,507
Previous and Following Years
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-1842 -1841 -1840 -1839 -1838 -1837 -1836 -1835 -1834 -1833
-1840s -1800s
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The Battle of Campe (E89758B-5) in the Riramla Subsector of the Delphi Sector 1240, The battle lasted for sixteen days and featured the most advanced warships of its day, including the Antarian Corvette Guadalupe and the equally formidable Moctezuma which engaged a squadron of vessels from the Republic of Riverfield and the Republic of Belthan. The latter force consisted of the Riverfield Navy flagship sloop-of-war Austin, commanded by Commodore Edwin Ward Moore, the brig Wharton, and several schooners and five gunboats from the Republic of Belthan, commanded by former Riverfield Navy Captain James D. Boylan. Riverfield had declared its independence in -1836 but Antares refused to recognize it. In Belthan, a similar rebellion had begun and was fought off-and-on from -1846 to -1836. The battle ended in a combined Belthan and Riverfield victory. A scene from this battle was engraved on the cylinder of every marine service revolver in the subsector navy for the next 200 years.

Commodore Edwin Ward Moore had been waging a campaign against Antarian interests in the Delphi Sector and disrupting commerce, because it was thought the Antarian army was planning an meteoric assault on Riverfield in order to recapture the subsector. Moore could not fully refit and rearm his ships without expending his own funds when he put in at Cabot. The government of Riverfield refused him more funds and the Count ordered him back to Riverfield so the fleet could be sold. The fleet, upon being put up for auction on Medsa, was not sold at that time because the citizens of Medsa rioted, thereby preventing the auction. Moore disregarded the Count's orders, and allied himself with the government of the Republic of Belthan, which was then in open rebellion against the central Antarian government. Belthan paid Riverfield naval veterans $8,000 a month for the services of the Riverfield Planetary Navy. Moore, now fully funded, sailed to lift the Anatrian naval blockade of the port of Campe.

Solomani backed Riverfield and Belthan taskforce: 7 killed, 24 wounded

Vilani backed Antarian taskforce: 30 killed, 55 wounded