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Date: -1,527 Imperial
Solomani: 2,993 A.D.
Vilani: 1,919 VI
Zhodani: 2,301.3
Aslan: 1,172
K'kree: 5,515
Hiver: -3,875
Previous and Following Years
-1600s -1540s
-1537 -1536 -1535 -1534 -1533 -1532 -1531 -1530 -1529 -1528
-1526 -1525 -1524 -1523 -1522 -1521 -1520 -1519 -1518 -1517
-1530s -1500s
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  • The personal guard of a local noble, a member of the planet's clergy, were prized for their fierce loyalty. This elite defensive force was tasked with the protection of this dynasty of Long Night rulers. This famed loyalty was sorely tested during a lengthy planetary siege operation. When the noble had decided to shift his clan alliances, a large ground of foreign Aslan mercenary soldiers in his employ were left unpaid. They threatened to mutiny if their Repatriation Bonds were not honored. They were going to loot the capital and the starport to capture civilian transports to escape the planet. The capital did not have a strong garrison of loyal troops by this time. The militia mustered a defense of 5,000 troops. There were 20,000 unpaid Aslan mercenaries on the world at the time. The starport fell quickly and the noble retreated to his palace. A core of 189 praetorian guards stood their ground against thousands of angry Aslan. The noble was able to escape aboard an 800 ton yacht. A platoon of about forty stayed behind to hold off the pursuit forces. They were wiped out but allowed the ship to escape. A small security detail was all that remained. The company commander and his few remaining troopers held off a boarding attempt when they detonated a missile warhead on the launch to destroy a pursuing orbital assault boat attempting to board. The noble did escape and died in exile. This loyal unit remains in the service of the same family to this day.