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Generic Submachinegun
SMG-WH-Keith-Starter-Trav-Pg-20 20-July-2018a.jpg
Submachinegun in use under high rates of fire
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level 5
Size 750mm
Weight 3,000 grams
Cost Cr520
Ammo 9mm bullet, x30 rounds
Manufacturer Various
Generic Submachinegun

A Submachinegun (3,000 grams loaded; Cr520; TL-5) is a small automatic weapon designed to fire pistol ammunition. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Magazines holding up to thirty cartridges are inserted into the weapon forward of the trigger guard or in the pistol grip, depending on the design. The gun fires four rounds per pull of the trigger. Replacement of an empty magazine requires a minute or so.

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 750mm. Weight: 3,000.0 grams. Base Price: Cr520.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The “Submachinegun” is a development of the Automatic Pistol to fill a role similar to the earlier Carbine. It is a larger pistol-like weapon, designed to project more bullets downrange, more accurately than the typical pistol, which has a shorter barrel. Accuracy for many submachineguns is not great compared to other firearms. They are, however, great for clearing rooms and projecting large amounts of firepower at a short range within confined spaces such as often occurs in urban combat environments. [3]

The Submachinegun or SMG is a timeless weapon that come of age in the TL:4-6 epoch and is never really considered obsolete as they remain useful well into the TL:13-15 epoch. SMGs tend to be an outgrowth of Automatic Pistol technology. However, the weapon tends to be superceded by the Automatic Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the ACR. [4]

Selected Submachinegun Models[edit]

  1. TL-4 Machine Pistol
  2. TL-5 Early Submachinegun
  3. TL-6 Submachinegun
  4. TL-7 Submachinegun
  5. TL-8 Submachinegun
  6. TL-9 Submachinegun
  7. TL-10 Submachinegun
  8. TL-11 Submachinegun
  9. TL-12 Submachinegun
  10. TL-13 Submachinegun
  11. TL-14 Submachinegun
  12. TL-15 Submachinegun

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