Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide

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Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide
Reformation Coalition Manual 3
Author Dave Nilsen
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Traveller The New Era
Year Published 1994
Available from RPGNow
Also See Equipment
ISBN 1-55878-166-8 Product No. 0310
Table of Contents
Equipment 8
Weapons 38
Vehicles 110
Starships 128
Rules expansions 154
Index 158

The Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide is a Game Designers Workshop product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Star Vikings of the Reformation Coalition Exploratory Service are always on the look-out for useful relic technology from the fallen Imperium. The 'Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide' details some of that relic technology, but it also describes the most important equipment, weapons, and vehicles used by the Coalition. The hallmark of this equipment is the Coalition's attention to flexibility and ruggedness: their designs are intended to make the maximum use of their limited technological and manufacturing resources.

Spacecraft: A wide variety of new and unique spacecraft are detailed in the 'Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide'. Small craft covered include the assault lander, and Wildcat class Fighter, additional details on the 50-ton Modular Cutter (including a variety of new modules), and detailed examinations of the Aurora and Maggart class Clippers: the backbone and strong right arm of RCES operations. Three Hiver ships are also described, as well as a new type of Scout, and (last, but not least) the Victrix class Multipurpose Starships.

Weapons: The Wilds are a dangerous place, and weapons are a necessity. The weaponry described in the 'Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide' ranges from the 5mm Pen Pistol covert operations concealed weapon through conventional pistols, SMGs, carbines and rifles, to light and heavy machine-guns. The Coalition 2.5cm Grenade Launcher, 4cm RAM Rifle Grenades, and heavier weapons are described in detail. Energy weapons are not neglected, covering everything from laser pistols to plasma bazookas, and the weapons in between.

Heavier weaponry ranges from the tiny Lyrebird support missiles to planetary defense missiles more than nine meters long. Need a laser-guided tank-buster? Call in a Nail tac missile. Tanks? You can use a light TL-6 Panda class Recon Tank, the TL-8 Prairie Fire class Tank, or (if you are lucky enough to find one) a TL-15 Intrepid class Grav Tank.

Transportation:: Getting from place to place on a planetary surface is another problem everyone faces, and the 'Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide' covers this subject as well. Need to get from orbit to dirtied in a hurry? You have a choice of assault lander, drop capsule, or personal re-entry kit. need to get around once you're there? Hop in a Charina class Wheeled APC, or strap a grav belt to your back and fly there.

Et Cetera: We cannot begin to list everything else that's in here, so flip to the index on page 158 and start reading. The 'Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide is copiously illustrated, and contains everything you need to use these items in a Traveller: The New Era campaign.

Table of Contents[edit]

Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide
Chapter Page #
Introduction 4
Equipment 8
Weapons 38
Vehicles 110
Starships 128
Rules Expansions 154
Index 158

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Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide is a supporting sourcebook intended for use with the Traveller: The New Era game.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Dave Nilsen
Development Dave Nilsen, Loren Wiseman
Equipment Design Dave Nilsen, Loren Wiseman, Guy Garnett, Howard Leidner, Howard Hale, Mark "Geo" Gelinas, Bob Piper
Cover Illustration Kirk Wescom
Interior Art Bradley K. McDevitt, Kirk Wescom, Joseph Abiera, LaMont Fullerton, Chad McKenzie, Rob Lazzaretti

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