Relativity Rifle

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The Relativity Rifle was an artifact found on an undisclosed planet.

  • It was recovered by unknown parties and was turned over to the Imperial government.
  • It is unknown whether it was recovered in operational conditional.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

At very high tech levels the relativity rifle appears. This weapon's effect is controllable, allowing the attacker to slow down the passage of time by a selectable ratio for the target. At an extreme ratio, it is possible to put the target temporarily into a form of suspension. The higher the time distortion ratio, the greater the energy drain on the weapon.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Some might ask how we know what this device and artifact does if it was recovered in non-operational condition... And the answer is simple: a partial manual was recovered with the device.

The technology behind the weapon is not well understood or even the language in the damaged manual, which has some very curious scientists studying it in an undisclosed location. Some believe that Stasis Globe artifacts employ similar technology.

Chrono-tech is strange and impossibly miraculous.

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