Vilanfku (nutriment)

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Type Foods
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr1

Vilnafku, is a Vilani culinary dish. A thick porridge-like ragout of meat and vegetables, packaged in a folded, edible leaf. Vilanfku is typically cooked in brine or stock, but many regional variations exist.

Vilnafkus may be prepared with or without meat although Vilnafku with meat is traditional. Additionally, a wide variety of vegetables may be incorporated, which may be more or less heavily spiced and seasoned. The basic method of preparation involves slow cooking over a low heat.

Vilnafku is inexpensive to prepare, and easily preserved for sale using a variety of methods (such as freezing, pickling, canning, vacuum packing, irradiation, freeze-drying, etc.). As such, Vilnafku is not a significant commodity.

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