Vengeance by Proxy

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Vengeance by Proxy
One Act adventures
Author Jason Kemp
Publisher Samardan Press
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format softcover/pdf
Language English
Pages 16
Year Published 2009
Canonical No
Available from Lulu publishers

Looking for a good Traveller scenario for a convention or One Shot? Only have an hour or two before the game, and you've got nothing ready? The One-Act Adventures series offers an evening's worth of great science fiction gaming without the hassles of preparation time. Although written for Traveller, game masters that are more familiar with other sci-fi rules systems should be able to easily translate this adventure to their favorite system.

In Vengeance by Proxy, the executive of a local mercantile corporation asks the party to seek out a crime lord and deliver a package for him, all while avoiding the notice of other interested parties. This scenario is designed for characters with a wide range of skills, although investigative, combat and stealth skills would be beneficial. Within, you will also find details on the sport of Gee-Ball, complete world data and a map for Cepheus Subsector, and more.

This product requires the use of the Traveller main rules book, which is available from Mongoose Publishing.


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