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Lt. Cmdr. Reijerink
Relaxing with friends
Status Major Race
Classification Omnivore/Gatherer
Size 1.82 meters
Weight 70kg
Homeworld Botany Bay (DM+33 2777)
Multi-world No
Canon No
Extinct {{{extinct}}}
Reference MTU
"Not another bug hunt!"


The Royal Australian Space Navy IMTU circa 2300AD

About Me[edit]

Nicholas Reijerink, Sydney. High school history teacher, especially interested in military history.

What I love about Traveller[edit]

I have been a Traveller fan since c. 1986, after a long hiatus I discovered much to my surprise that the game is not defunct. I started off with Basic D&D but soon migrated almost exclusively to Traveller and related products along with wargaming both tabletop and board games. Frank Chadwick would have to be the best wargame designer to be published and TNE is the ultimate Sci-Fi setting to indulge in combined campaigns moving between wargaming and role playing smoothly. Striker II and Brilliant Lances are among my favourite purchases of all time.

Other hobbies[edit]

Also interested in: Space 1889 and general wargaming.

Activities and goals for this wiki[edit]

As an ongoing exercise I will focus on systematic categorisation, creating new sub-/categories, adding articles to them, cleaning up links in articles and where the outrages are most egregious, cleaning up the grammar and spelling in articles I view during this process. The core category I am working on is History and all its sub-categories.

I hope to develop some non-canon material for new and existing articles and if I am really fortunate, discover a lode of untranscribed material that interests me for the creation of some new articles or minimally updating existing ones.

Articles by me[edit]


Nevada test site

This user prefers...[edit]

This user prefers 2300AD.

This user prefers Classic Traveller.

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This user prefers Traveller: The New Era.