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This person is a Traveller artist, contributor, and fan.

History & Background (Dossier)

I-C is a newbie Traveller fan and Player.

   As a player and a fan made up many art pieces part of his Traveller campaign as a resource for others.
   I-C is also a middle aged Droyne, looking to change the universe forever for the better. #DroyneLife
   I-C posts his new matterial and articles all over the place, which are also archived. 

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation I-C has given permission to include this material in the Traveller Wiki.

Art: For Wednesday's Traveller Group (Non-canon)

Crossing The Spinward Marches.jpg

The Bridge 2.jpg

David Borwicky

David Borwicky.jpg Bill Paxton

Barbo Lala

Barbo Lala.jpg Barbo Lala 2.jpg Illustration: Paul Kwon

Debarrean Bear

Debarrean Bear B.png


Lilly Vargr 1.png Lilly Vargr 2.png Lilly Vargr 3.png

Kelvin Fahrenheit Celsius (KFC)

Kelvin Fahrenheit Celsius.jpg Or Kelvin Fahrenheit Celsius B.jpg ?

Ken Ackimoto

Ken Ackimoto.png Kelvin Messing With Drogon Ken Ackimoto 2.png

A "Coyn" (Race)

Coyn Race.png


Fawk Demolitions.png

Vargr & Aslan Sexy time [[1]]