The Second Scions' Society

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The Second Scions' Society
Author Timothy Collinson
Publisher March Harrier Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 106
Year Published 2021
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Traveller Aid Society Community Content

Once every three years the Second Scions’ Society gathers to enjoy a banquet and storytelling. This year is no exception for the dilettantes, and they’ve chosen a busy sennightend for their get together.

Three scenes to get players role-playing as ‘spares’ to their older sibling heirs with much additional material to allow a springboard to further recreation, spending and of course adventure.


  • Six fully detailed player character dilettante nobles with their serving staff and additional servant options
  • Details, deckplans and an in-depth description – with colour architect sketches – for a 2000-ton luxury County-class yacht
  • Detailed look at Anther (Core Sector 2021 A300697-E), the plants of its famed ‘hidden gardens’, and a listing of the stocks and shares on its bourse for players to buy and sell
  • Biography of Sir Regimath Sheraton Ranville – noted explorer
  • Ten-page auction catalogue of 66 antique, rare and expensive items from around Charted Space
  • Notes on the First Imperium, Vilani, clothing for the nobility and duelling


Timothy Collinson
Timothy Collinson, Douglas Knapp

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The Second Scions' Society
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