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0 world articles for the Uncharted Sector

SYNOPSIS: This template list in a navigation box, lists all of the worlds in a given sector or subsector.

  • This uses a cargo query to pull the data from the underlying StellarData table.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

PARAMETERS: Usually this is used for the Sector articles to allow creating a list of all the worlds within the particular sector. It can also be used to list worlds in a Subsectors as well.

 |<Primary Sector|Subsector name>
 |Sector|Subsector {Area to match}
 |era=era to match

The primary sector|subsector name is where you supply the name of the Sector (or Subsector) page where this navigation box belongs. Note: You can place the navigation box on a different page than the Sector/Subsector page. For example, if you want a list of worlds in X sector but on page Y, include this template, but simply set the first parameter to X.

The title of area allows you to change the "Sector" in the title to "Subsector". The area title defaults to Sector.

This template is an update to Template:SectorWorlds and Template:SectorWorlds2. Those template rely upon the DPL to cleverly pull data out of the world articles, but they are hugely complex because of corner cases of articles not being formatted exactly correct. This template uses a direct data query against the StellarData cargo table. This relies upon all the worlds being input into the table by the Template:StellarData on the correct data pages.