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Corridor style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black; float: right; clear: left"

This template, along with the renderTravellerMap() javascript in MediaWiki:Common.js, produces a iframe to Travellermap.com. This is a fully scrollable image, you can wander all over charted space. By double clicking the image you can zoom in. See Travellermap.com for more details, and other options.


{{SOV|sx=<sector x pos>|sy=<sector y pos>|dx=<sectors x defaults to 1>|dy=<sectors in y dir, defaults to 1>|name=<name>}}

This template takes five named parameters, and some optional ones:

  1. sx - from the imperial Coordinates, 0 is core sector, +to trailing, - to spinward.
  2. sy - from the Imperial Coordinates, 0 is core sector, +to coreward, - to rimward.
  3. dx - distance along X axis
  4. dy - distance along Y axis
  5. name - sector name, used as the placeholder.
  6. scale - optional override of the default scale of 2
  7. xcen - optional adjustment to x axis centre
  8. ycen - optional adjustment to y axis centre

See Charted Space and the sector matrix for the coordinate to a sector if they are not included in the InfoboxSector already.