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Table of Contents
Chapter Pages

Creates the Table of contents infobox on the right side of the screen.

This assumes you are filling the entries using the Template:RPGBook TOC Entry for each of the entries to fill in the underlying the Cargo table

|{{RPGBook_TOC_Entry|title=[[Darrian]] Way of Life, The|author=Anders Blixt|pages=34|department=Ref's Notes}}
|{{RPGBook_TOC_Entry|title=[[Fleet Escort]] [[Lisiani Class|Lisiani]]|author=Marc Miller|pages=18|department=Feature Article}}
|{{RPGBook_TOC_Entry|title=Bait: [[Q-Ship]]s in Traveller|author=Steven Birnich,James Schwar|pages=32-33|department=Rules Module}} 
|{{RPGBook_TOC_Entry|title=Planetary Invasions in Traveller|author=Steven Birnich,James Schwar|pages=40|department=Ref's Notes}}


  • header : Heading for the type of entry in the publication, defaults to "Chapter"
  • 1-40 : The Table of Contents entries for the book. Accepts up to 40 entries