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World is designated the mainworld and orbits {{{primary}}} at a mean distance of {{{orbital AU}}} AU (0 million km), the habitable zone. It has an orbital period of 300 days and a rotation period of {{{rotational hours}}} hours. The axial tilt is {{{axial tilt}}} degrees. World has a diameter of 1,000 km, a density of {{{density}}} g/cm³, and a surface gravity of 1 G. The world is geologically inert.

Its atmosphere is rated as {{{atmosphere type}}}, with a mean surface pressure of {{{atmospheric pressure}}} bar and a composition of {{{nitrogen percent}}}% nitrogen, {{{oxygen percent}}}% oxygen, and {{{other percent}}}% argon, carbon dioxide, neon and other trace gases.

Approximately {{{hydrographic percent}}}% of the surface is covered in seas of {{{hydrographic type}}}. Mean surface temperature: {{{surface temperature}}}°C.

The atmosphere is {{{atmospheric stability}}} and {{{weather}}} weather systems, driven by the star and the seas, {{{weather effects}}} across the globe. The climate is static and weather patterns are influenced by local geography.


Template for adding a mainworld description paragraph(s) to the world articles.

For all parameters using numbers, do not add formatting like commas (e.g. use 12500, not 12,500)


Name of the main worlds or system
name or type (e.g. M2 V) of the system primary
orbital AU
Orbital distance of the world from the primary in AU
habitable zone
Yes or No : is the orbit within the primary's habitable zone
orbital days
orbital period of the world in days
orbital hours
orbital period of the world, fractional hours
rotation hours
rotational period in hours
axial tilt
axial tilt of the world in degrees
diameter of the world in KM
density of the world in g/cc
geologically active
Yes or No : is world geologically active
atmosphere type
base description of the atmosphere
atmospheric pressure
atmospheric pressure in Bar at sea level (or mean planetary diameter)
nitrogen percent
percent of the atmosphere that is nitrogen
oxygen percent
percent of the atmosphere that is oxygen
other percent
percent of the atmosphere that is other gases
hydrographic percentage
percent of the world covered in liquid seas
hydrographic type
Type of fluid covering some of the surface
tidal height
height of tides on the world in meters
surface temperature
mean surface temperature in degrees Celsius
atmosphere stability
one word description of the atmospheric stability (calm, active, dynamic)
one word description of the weather systems (calm, active, destructive)
weather effects
one adjective of the weather effects (drift, rage)
static or dynamic : overall climate of the world
{{Mainworld data
|name                  =
|primary               = 
|orbital AU            =
|habitable zone        =
|orbital days          =
|orbital hours         =
|rotational hours      =
|axial tilt            =
|diameter              =
|density               =
|geologically active   =
|atmosphere type       =
|atmospheric pressure  = 
|nitrogen percent      =
|oxygen percent        =
|other percent         =
|hydrographic percent  = 
|hydrographic type     =
|tidal height          =
|surface temperature   =
|atmospheric stability = 
|weather               =
|weather effects       =
|climate               =