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Spectral {{{spectral}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Luminosity {{{lum}}} LSol
Absolute magnitude {{{mag}}}
Temperature {{{temp}}}° K


|name     = {Name of star}
|companion= (info on companion)
|image    = {Reference to Image}
|lref     = {rank (app mag) for}|lrworld={Reference world}
|lref2    = {rank (app mag) for}|lrworld2={Reference world}
|lum      = {luminosity}
|mag      = {absoulute mag}
|mass     = {mass}
|mrank    = {mass rank}
|multiple = {binary/trinary}
|radius   = {size}
|rrank    = {size rank}
|spectral = {spectral type}
|temp     = {temperature}
|type     = {type}

This is a template for a star article: e.g. Antares (star).

Radius is in RSol, Mass is in MSol, Luminosity is in LSol, and Temperature is in K.